It’s a wrap! March


Retrospectively, it feels that all I did in March was keep the post man busy. When the first proof copy of #MCFSB arrived, it wasn’t good enough, and Diana and I decided to change the font to make sure the book was easy to read. It’s the necessary corrections that slow you down and unfortunately we ,had to postpone shipping by two weeks because it took so long for everything to arrive and arrive in the quality I was happy to pass on to my Kickstarter backers.

Because of the loss I made in the previous year, I decided to switch from color print to black and white, so everyone who supported both of my Kickstarter projects got an extra copy for free.
The reason I decided to make the books black and white was because I liked the black and white copy far more than I liked the colorful one. However, if you look into the digital book, you’ll still see all of the illustrations Sara Combs made in their original (and colorful) state. 

If you have been following my approach to creating products, you know that packaging is highly important to me. It’s quite incredible that even though it’s 2016, it’s still hard to get nice envelopes that don’t cost a fortune in Austria. I ordered a huge box of envelopes from the UK and three weeks later, I sent them a follow up email wondering what happened to my parcel. I was rather bummed when they said they never shipped my package because it was too big. 
Instead of giving up and buying white envelopes, I decided to postpone shipping to be able to deliver the kind of package to my backers I’d like to receive myself. A glittery one. One that makes you say “WOW!” (I think I succeeded.)

Having had such an amazing experience with Skillshare, Sarah and I decided to make another Skillshare class. This time, my plan was to explain everything I’ve learned about self-publishing and pass it on to everyone who considers going the independent route. My plan is to share the sort of information I would have loved knowing when I first started. 
Just like last time, I bought fancy flowers and Sarah skillfully rearranged my entire apartment to make the set look visually appealing. 

As part of the shoot, we sent out books to all the backers but the ones in the US and Canada, which I shipped from New York just one week later. I still consider myself incredibly lucky for having so many people supporting all my big and small ventures. Another side effect of my trip to New York was that I was able to spend some more time with the Kickstarter team. While I’m happy working remotely, after having done it for so many months, I’ve learned to appreciate talking to people I work with face to face.