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Would you like to have me teach you more about mobile photography and editing on your phone? (In Berlin or Vienna)

Just wanted to quickly drop in and let you know I’m introducing two new rewards to help the Kickstarter campaign reach its funding.

  • You can get the architecture guide and also last year's guide to Berlin's café scene.

  • ... and if you’d like to join me for a photowalk to take pictures together and for me to show you how I edit pictures with my phone, then let’s do that. I’ll take you to some interesting spots in Berlin (or Vienna as I'll be there a lot in March) and teach you what you can do with different apps to get the most out of your pictures. You’ll get a set of #kathmoscards on top as well!

Hope to be photowalking with you soon!

It’s a wrap! March
berlin coffee guide
Vienna coffee guide
berlin coffee guide
Vienna coffee guide
berlin homeoffice

Before I started teaching social media at the New Design University in St. Pölten, it was clear to me I wanted to have a small comprehensive project in my portfolio. I wanted to create something anyone could copy if they wanted to. Something that just needed a smartphone and a good idea for it to happen: that’s how I came up with the Vienna coffee guide before also creating one for Berlin to decrease the costs of printing.

In March, I published my fifth Kickstarter project. It was a fifth successful project (sixth if I count running one for Anitar last September). 

While it seemed easy to raise money for the Vienna guide, it wasn’t all that simple with the guide of Berlin’s café scene. One thing I have learned from running all these projects is it doesn’t matter how one reaches the goal. What matters is that one does. 

If a Kickstarter project doesn’t work as expected, one must come up with a plan B, a plan C, and at least a plan D. At the end of the day, what matters is raising the money necessary in the time one determined before going live.

Once I noticed people weren’t all that keen on the Berlin guide, I considered what the people who follow me online are interested in. I added an additional reward by offering a personal consulting session on how to go freelance. 

That’s what made the project a success. Not the project itself, but instead the ability to improvise when nothing goes as planned. Which is to say, it hardly ever goes as planned.

What I’m especially excited about is that because I already had the Berlin guides printed, I can now play around with Etsy, DaWanda, and IndieGoGo on demand too because I finally have a product to sell. 

Those two Kickstarter projects, and especially making sure to ship them on time, were by far not the main projects I worked on this past month. I kicked off March with a workshop in London organized by Hanzo for one of their clients.

March was also the month I flew to St. Pölten every week to teach.

And, of course, there was also the work I did for Veganz.

When I agreed to teaching social media, I didn’t realize how much time I’d spend talking about different business models. Originally, I just planned to show my students how to frame creative projects, use the available tools to materialize ideas, plus how to use social to position oneself online. 

But then to be able to know how to use the internet as a tool, one must also understand how one is instrumentalized as a product and how different companies monetize one’s attention, time, and data, so we got to talk a lot about propaganda, advertising, and how different companies make money. Which made the class very broad, but to me, also interesting to prepare to discuss these issues before standing in front of 36 pairs of curious eyes. Quite an experience!

And before I forget to mention this, every student got to work on their own creative project, which you can see by looking up the hashtag #nducreates on Instagram. 

Meanwhile at Veganz, I needed to communicate how I wanted to get involved with the company in the future. About six weeks in, I knew I didn’t see myself as the Head of Marketing for longer than the originally agreed upon three months. It’s a lot of admin and not so much creative work, and as I always say, one should be doing something in the day-to-day one is actually excited about. At this moment, hiring, firing, and restructuring a team is not necessarily it. 

After setting up internal communication processes and project management structure by introducing the team to Trello, I began working on the campaigns for the entire year of 2018. I’ll write a case study about my work for Veganz and publish it on this website some time soon. At least for now I can mention that we ran Beautiful Vegan Easter as a brand collaboration with Bio:Végane in March and prepared the campaign Vegan Lunch Box together with Patrick Bolt and EcoLunchBox for April.

My main focus at Veganz this past month – and I know I already mentioned a lot I worked on – was to find a replacement for myself, hire a new Creative Director, and also two additional translators to professionalize the communication output. With Moritz Möller, Martin Petersen, Justine Coquel, and Richard Block, I do believe I’ve fulfilled that mission quite successfully. 

I’m very excited to see what April will bring, given I’m transferring back to a more flexible, remote lifestyle. I’m currently booked out until mid-May, but can work on smaller projects here and there. Please send me an email if you need anything! 

It's a wrap! January

On the 4th of January, just shortly after midnight, I started another Kickstarter project. This time, it was to finance My Creative (Side) Business, another guide for freelancers. It’s been an unusual situation to not just work as a consultant to Kickstarter, but to simultaneously work on my own project, which put me back into a creator’s shoes. You should practice what you preach, so it’s been a good reminder of how it feels when your own project is live. 

The greatest success of the month was the incredible press coverage #MCFSB has received that helped attract new backers, and the opportunities I have been given to share my thoughts on other outlets. 

Here are some of my favourites: 

It’s been an exciting month, to say the least. Let’s see what February will be like! 

Last Call: Only 45 hours left to get #MCFSB on Kickstarter.

If you’d like to get the special freelancer package consisting of This Year Will Be Different: an insightful guide to becoming a freelancerMy Creative (Side) Business: for creative freelancers who think outside the box – and, naturally, a few other goodies I might throw in for fun – you have less than 45 hours to do so!

Treat yourself or a friend.

See you on Kickstarter.

Help us choose a cover for My Creative (Side) Business.

Choosing a book cover is probably the hardest part of the design process. So just like last time, we did everything else first. 

But now, with the illustrations finalized, the manuscript almost done, and the Kickstarter goal almost reached with 8% to go (please, please, please tell your friends about the book!), it's time to focus on the cover. 

The colors aren't final just yet; however, we want to hear what you think about the different options. 

Also, if you have color suggestions, we'd love to hear about them too! We loved seeing so many of our wonderful Kickstarter supporters share a picture of their copy of #TYWBD on Instagram and Pinterest, and would once again love to give you a book worthy of a picture (or two). We know that we can only make such dream a reality if we have a bold cover. 

We'd love to hear what you think and which cover you like the most. Four opinions just aren't enough, so please join us in this extremely important moment and leave a comment under this posting or on Kickstarter. Please be awesome and help us get it right. We trust your instincts! 

We’re 68% there. This is what happened this past week.

The average book sells 250 times a year in the US. I am incredibly proud that after less than two weeks since launching this campaign we have already surpassed that number! Thank you to everyone who's pre-ordered their copy of #MCFSB

I’ve sent the manuscript to some incredible people to ask them for feedback and here is what they said about the book:

Paul Jarvis, the creator of the Creative Class said:

"I truly believe side-projects are necessary for all freelancers. Monika does a brilliant job of summing up why as well as how to tackle them in this book!”

Katy Cowan, the Founding Editor of Creative Boom and MD at Boomerang PR described #MCFSB as:

"Packed full of inspiring interviews with women all across the world who have successfully gone freelance or turned their side projects into multiple revenue streams, it’s something even the most established business owner should add to their reading list.”

Sean Blanda, the Editor-in-Chief and Director at 99U said:

“With so much blustery, useless career advice out there #MCFSB is a revelation: actionable practical advice that you can use the moment you put down the book. A must read for those looking to develop their side hustle." 

.. and John Lee Dumas, our favourite Entrepreneur on Fire described #MCFSB as an:

"Excellent read for entrepreneurs who are ready to be challenged to think outside of the box about their businesses and IGNITE." 

All looking good and I am incredibly excited! Yay!

Also, I wanted to thank you. I don’t know who of you is responsible for this but there has been some incredible coverage in various outlets in the past couple of days. If you want to read some more about the process, what I usually do or just want to see who had something nice to say, here are some articles:

#MCFSB has been featured on:

Design Taxi (High Five to whoever is responsible for this)

Creative Boom (The lovely Mark interviewed me for the newly re-designed CB)

AdWeek’s GalleyCat (I shouldn’t check my phone at 6am. I saw this and couldn’t go back to sleep anymore)

The Austrian Gap Magazine (If you prefer to read something in German)

Frau, frei und (The German go-to-page for freelancers)

There has even been a snapshot of the campaign on The Next Web (Woohoo)

I’d love it if we could reach 100% of the funding goal in the next couple of days. Please spread the word. Tell anyone who you believe might benefit from reading #MCFSB or get a second book to give it to them. I have been reaching out to companies to get some vouchers for you to make your everyday life as a freelancer a more pleasant one. I cannot wait to share the goodies that I have collected for all the supporters of the Kickstarter pre-order round.