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New Skillshare class: Brand yourself on social media through side projects

Have you ever asked yourself how to use social media effectively?

This class is for you..

  • if you’d like to learn how to make the most out of social media

  • if you’d like to know how to brand your business as a freelancer

  • if you’d like to know how to create a side income

  • ... or if you want to build your reputation to eventually find a more suitable job.

In this class, I’ll deconstruct what it means to create. I’ll explain

  • how to frame creative projects

  • gain the self-confidence to create and publish

  • ... and will also talk about how to use social media in a meaningful way.

I’ve decided to create this class to help you utilize social media and unlock its full potential. You don’t need to be a creative to benefit from this class. 

It’s now live on Skillshare:

New Skillshare class: From hobby to a creative career with Kickstarter

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know Kickstarter was one of my main clients for two years. I got involved with them after launching my first Kickstarter project. After five successful projects, I’ve decided it’s time for me to summarize my learnings and share all my resources to help others launch their own projects on Kickstarter.

Here is the written summary that you can download as a PDF. Please also consider subscribing to my newsletter.

Here is the link to the Skillshare class if you’d much rather watch it as a video tutorial.

In the class I share tips on:

How to frame a creative project

Why Kickstarter makes sense

How to set up your page

How to calculate the costs of a Kickstarter project

How to prepare for the launch

And most of all, what to do when things aren’t going well

I really hope my learnings on how to run a Kickstarter will help you launch yours.

It’s a wrap! January 

At the end of last year, it became clear that I’d return to Berlin once again. It’s not even that I was actively looking for opportunities to be in the city. It really feels like every time I open myself to being in Berlin, the city draws me back immediately. 

On the 15th of January, I began working with Veganz. At first it was planned I’d oversee the social media strategy for 2018, however - and given I care about integrated communication throughout all departments - I’m now leading the marketing team. It’s a team of twelve responsible for communication, brand management, graphic design, online store, and of course, customer care. We’ll soon be hiring native English, French, and Italian speakers to help us with translation and copywriting, given we’re planning to expand to new markets. 

I've also started working with Student Life Start, which is an initiative to help students start a career they love. It's something I’m very vocal about and even more excited to be involved in a project like that. 

Given in the past three years I always ran a Kickstarter project, I couldn’t help myself but published one this year too. Last year, Kickstarter began an initiative called #Make100 inviting you to create something, anything, 100 times. I decided to create a small guide about the Viennese coffee culture and print it on MOO business cards. It’s a fun, small project, which I’m mostly doing as a case study to use in the classes I’m teaching at the New Design University. I’ll start teaching there at the end of February. 

And because I always aim to share the wisdom that has served me well, I’ve recorded a class on editing and monetizing smartphone photos. The class is now available on Skillshare. 

I’m fully booked until mid April. If you already know about a project for any time after you’d like me to get involved in, please get in touch! 

It's a wrap! July

If someone would have told me three years ago I’d one day go on a business trip to Iceland, I’d have thought they were joking. But now, almost three years after going freelance, what I thought would be impossible became a reality. This past month, I started working with Anitar, Inc., an Icelandic startup that focuses on revolutionizing horse tech, to help them launch a Kickstarter project

Now, and given I said I’d prefer to take a break from working on Kickstarter projects to focus on marketing hotels and restaurants, this project was truly quite unexpected. Honestly, Karl Már, the founder of Anitar, pretty much bribed me with the idea of working with horses for two months. 

The beginning of the month was busy through and through, and although I finally managed to publish Work Trips and Road Trips, a book about working mindfully and also taking breaks as a freelancer, I must confess that I worked 24/7 and on several weekends to make everything happen that piled up on my to-do list. But sometimes, and even when you’re trying to avoid such moments, they still might sneak in. 

As you can image, the proudest moment of the month is that Work Trips and Road Trips is finally out and available on Amazon! Jamie Milnes and I have also finished the copy for the website of his agency, Double Underscore, and I also handed off the copy for the Go Global Outsourcing, Llc. website for Jamie to continue working on the design with the lovely Go Global team. Also, one of my articles on how to take a vacation as a freelancer was published on the Freelancer Union. A milestone! I’ve also been working on the Skillshare class about how to structure a website if you’re a freelancer. I started working on this class to help myself structure my own websites, however, I still haven’t managed to come very far with them. Planned release, nevertheless, is in September. Wish me luck! 

At the beginning of September, I’ll be at in Brighton, then a wedding in Italy, and after that, I’d like to start working with companies from the hospitality industry. If you know of someone who knows of someone in that sector and you know they need help with marketing, please connect me! Thank you! 

#WTART Update 08: Some live videos to watch this weekend

Hello, hello,

Thank you so much for joining our live stream. In case you missed it, rewatch it here. if you have any questions, please email



As some of you might know, I’ve recorded two Skillshare classes myself and I’ve watched several dozens of classes created by talented people who decided to share their skills with others.

Here are some of my favorites that might help you with your freelance business:

Samantha Wilson’s series “Now What?” is great for graphic designers who’d like to learn what to do with their creations besides putting them down on paper:

If you run an Instagram account for your business, you might appreciate Dana Malstaff’s strategy to create and manage your strategy through Trello:

Philip Campbell summarized the places where you can sell digital assets online:

Luna Vega, whose story you’ve read in This Year Will Be Different, created a class about email marketing techniques:

One of my favorite people at Kickstarter, Stephanie Pereira, made a class to teach you about storytelling, which is a pretty handy class if you’re planning to go live on Kickstarter in the foreseeable future. (Tom Bates, a backer of My Creative (Side) Business did and I was lucky to help him!)

I can also highly recommend the class of my friend Gareth Pon, who teaches you how to make the most of Instagram:

...and finally, if you haven’t already watched it, you might like to take my class on freelancing as a little recap:

Happy Saturday! Enjoy the videos! 


Want to know more about self publishing?

Do you have a manuscript ready and are wondering what steps to take next and how to self-publish your words? Enroll in my Skillshare class to learn more about self-publishing your non-fiction book. 

As you know I have self-published two guides for freelance creatives and have turned to Skillshare to help others follow their dream. 

My class on self publishing doesn't cover how to write a book, but rather how to publish and market a book and how to establish continuous sales. It’s a hands-on manual guiding you from draft to a finished book. 

Perfect for everyone who is keen to explore the world of self-publishing and wants to learn how to use social media to establish continuous, organic sales.

It’s a wrap! March

Retrospectively, it feels that all I did in March was keep the post man busy. When the first proof copy of #MCFSB arrived, it wasn’t good enough, and Diana and I decided to change the font to make sure the book was easy to read. It’s the necessary corrections that slow you down and unfortunately we ,had to postpone shipping by two weeks because it took so long for everything to arrive and arrive in the quality I was happy to pass on to my Kickstarter backers.

Because of the loss I made in the previous year, I decided to switch from color print to black and white, so everyone who supported both of my Kickstarter projects got an extra copy for free.
The reason I decided to make the books black and white was because I liked the black and white copy far more than I liked the colorful one. However, if you look into the digital book, you’ll still see all of the illustrations Sara Combs made in their original (and colorful) state. 

If you have been following my approach to creating products, you know that packaging is highly important to me. It’s quite incredible that even though it’s 2016, it’s still hard to get nice envelopes that don’t cost a fortune in Austria. I ordered a huge box of envelopes from the UK and three weeks later, I sent them a follow up email wondering what happened to my parcel. I was rather bummed when they said they never shipped my package because it was too big. 
Instead of giving up and buying white envelopes, I decided to postpone shipping to be able to deliver the kind of package to my backers I’d like to receive myself. A glittery one. One that makes you say “WOW!” (I think I succeeded.)

Having had such an amazing experience with Skillshare, Sarah and I decided to make another Skillshare class. This time, my plan was to explain everything I’ve learned about self-publishing and pass it on to everyone who considers going the independent route. My plan is to share the sort of information I would have loved knowing when I first started. 
Just like last time, I bought fancy flowers and Sarah skillfully rearranged my entire apartment to make the set look visually appealing. 

As part of the shoot, we sent out books to all the backers but the ones in the US and Canada, which I shipped from New York just one week later. I still consider myself incredibly lucky for having so many people supporting all my big and small ventures. Another side effect of my trip to New York was that I was able to spend some more time with the Kickstarter team. While I’m happy working remotely, after having done it for so many months, I’ve learned to appreciate talking to people I work with face to face. 

It’s a wrap! December
new york

At the beginning of December, I was still on vacation in South Africa. However, once I came back, I split my time between wrapping up my assignment with Kickstarter and finishing the manuscript of #MCFSB. Often, people ask me how I deal with budgeting and charging my clients. To be honest, I prefer to work with bigger clients for longer periods of time because that spares me a lot of administration. Then, I try to work on side projects in which I’m striving to monetize. However, every time before the end of a contract period, I try to get the assignment to a point that I can say the job's well done and accomplished. 
Whenever I discuss contracts, I specify figurative goals because it’s easier to reflect on your work and say that you’ve delivered what you promised. It’s also easier to discuss future collaborations based on hard facts and numbers, so that was what I was trying to accomplish before getting on the plane to New York. 
A few days before I left for New York to see the team at Kickstarter, I met up with Sean Blanda from 99U to say “hi” to the team at Skillshare and also had a lovely meeting with someone at Squarespace. I sent the first version of the #MCFSB manuscript to Diana. Our goal was to have it edited before going live on Kickstarter (which happened on the 4th of January). 
I’m now finishing off this small article and I’m going to write a reflection of the entire year and publish that one soon. Stay tuned!