It’s a wrap! December 2018

Kicking off December with a workshop for people who would like to become creative freelancers hosted by the Creative Region in Linz, I had to think about the projects I’ve worked and how life has been since going freelance four years ago. What I’ve always loved about freelancing is that project briefs are specific, goals are clearly defined, and people respect one’s time. People prepare for meetings. It’s kind of amazing. I’ve loved the trust that comes with working as a freelancer. But what also comes with freelancing is that many projects have a deadline. At the end of December, my contract with Hanzo to work on Student LifeStart ended and I handed over my duties to my most incredible junior, Cleo Anderson, who’s been a shining star all along.

I’m super glad we got to travel to Madrid once more to celebrate together with the Hanzo team and get to know the people we’ve mostly only communicated with over Slack the past couple of months. It was an incredibly fun end to the project and I’m incredibly grateful my wonderful friend Eva Liparova thought of me when they were looking for people to create formats for community engagement. (You can read some more about it in this case study.)

I’ve spent most of December thinking about what projects I’d like to take on in 2019, which I’ve summarized in a personal statement.

I’ve also kept working on the book project I’m currently researching, which is about gatherings and creating spaces for people to meet and connect with the help of food. In this book, I’m portraying initiatives such as the Restaurant Day, Clam Club, Spring Street Social Society, Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations, Norn, etc. I’m looking for a publisher to help me shape my vision and make my idea come to life. It’s time to try something different than self-publishing via Kickstarter as I’ve done in the past.

I’m available for projects starting mid January. In 2019 and with my work I’d like to focus on:

  • concept, creation, and production of temporary and permanent spaces dedicated to intensify communication between people


  • audience facilitation at events

In the past, I’ve worked on projects for companies such as Kickstarter or LifeStart by Virgin Money. In the future, I’d like to work on projects with innovative, future-minded corporates, public sector organizations, museums, and the like.

I’d love to do things, such as rethink how people meet and interact with one another at airports. I’d love to oversee the audience engagement at conferences. I’d love to rally communities around a common cause, such as the upcoming European Election. I’d love to work on projects that help people live a more intentional, creative life and that create a world where people dare to go on a vacation with a stranger. You might think I’m idealistic. All I’m saying is I care about the cause, the possibility, and the (human) experience.

Please email me (helloATmkanokovaDOTcom) if you have a project in mind or know of someone I should talk to.

I’m available for new projects starting January, 14th!