It’s a wrap! March


March was exceptionally good. I had the chance to work with taliaYstudio and help them revamp their entire communication strategy. Funny how it seems to be an almost impossible task to confront oneself and look at the communication of one’s company objectively. Sometimes, help’s needed, which is why Talia Radford hired me for a month of intensive consulting. Together, with Talia and Catalina from the collaborative studio, we had a series of workshops to figure out the positioning, messaging, and branding of the company. You can see parts of our efforts here.

In March, Raven & Finch has launched the first issue of Sonor, their agency’s magazine on sound branding. I feel lucky for having had the chance to materialise Max Kickinger’s thoughts and write the copy for the digital and the print issue of the quarterly paper. Sound experience design and sound branding are topics many brands haven’t discovered for themselves just yet. I highly recommend to every brand manager to sign up for their mailing list to receive the next issues. 

My side project, the book, This Year Will Be Different: the insightful guide to becoming a freelancer was featured on the “As the Bird Flies” blog. I also had a chance to give an interview about the book on Fritz, the regional Berlin-Brandenburg radio station. 

I must say, I’m really glad I realised #TYWBD. Not only because I loved seeing all the pictures from people who have received one of the books funded through Kickstarter (here, here, here) but also because I’ve signed a contract to work on a very exciting project together with the Kickstarter team. Thus, I’ll be busy for the next three months and only available for small requests.

So, like I said, March was great, and it led to such wonderful opportunities that I’m thankful for.Keep me in the loop on the things you’re working on!