The real story behind people's social media channels & what I've learned from interviewing 22 women.

the truth of social media

Do you sometimes feel envious of how others live their lives when you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook stream? 

Fresh flowers, perfectly looking food, amazing careers and travelling to exciting cities fortnightly if not more often – does that remind you of the people you follow on social media?

In the last couple of years my friends have often confronted me with the one question we all probably ask ourselves more often than we’d like to admit: “How do these people do it?”

I don’t know, but I do believe that whatever finds its way to Instagram or Facebook never tells the entire story. Simply, it's not a good role model to have and to want to live up to. 

One of the Creative Mornings speakers, Rob Symington, said something very touching:

“Don’t allow to compare yourself to anyone but the
previous versions of yourself.”

In other words, if you keep improving who you are and keep creating the person you want to be, you are on the right track. 

If the person you want to be is someone who has flowers on their desk, then be that person. It costs you about five euros. If you want to be that person who travels a lot then look for a smaller room than the one you’re living in right now. And if you want to have an amazing career, then it’s in your hands to start creating one today. On the side. Next to your day job. 

After having interviewed 22 women for my upcoming book This Year Will Be Different in the last two weeks, to ask these women about their freelance careers, I figured out one thing: what they’ve accomplished they've done because of their extreme dedication and determination to become their better selves.

I honestly cannot wait to present you with all the stories. It’s probably been the most inspiring two weeks of the year.

What has inspired you lately you can share with me?

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