If you are building a business or developing a product, I can help shape your story, determine your brand’s voice and style, and choose the right channels to reach your people.

Together, we will articulate your vision and translate it in words others understand and can identify with.

Marketing & Storytelling

To me, the best marketing always lies at the core of the product. I am the last person who will tell you to invest in paid advertising if not absolutely necessary. But I might be the first person to say you need better packing, a series of events, or consider redesigning your space. Design and experiences are the best marketing. If you dare to try out something new, get in touch.


When writing, I always think of the audience. I choose words one would Google instead of complicated, specialist vocabulary. To me, what matters is that the reader feels understood and served. I structure information and write website copy. For fun, I also write books and articles.

Community Building

People gather because of their mutual vision. They become a community because they believe in a shared mission. I help brands build communities. On behalf of businesses, I organize dinners, events, workshops, and other sorts of gatherings.

Collaborations & Strategic Partnerships

I love to connect unrelated dots. I love to bring together people and companies who might not otherwise meet. I love to point out possibilities and help others achieve a shared goal by joining forces. I facilitate collaborations and help businesses thrive by bringing them together.

Social Media Strategy

They say a brand is what people say about it when the team isn’t in the room. That’s exactly where social media comes into play. One thing is what you show and say on social. A whole other thing is what others do. You should think about both. I can help you.


If you are launching a business, a product or service, or want to reposition your existing one and feel I would be the right person to help you, don’t hesitate and get in touch. Email hello@mkanokova.com