I've been fortunate to have spoken at a number of conferences and events. From 2015 until 2017, and as part of my work for Kickstarter, I've coordinated many events and also shared advice on how to position a brand, rally a community, and fundraise at least 100 times. I've also been sharing my learnings about building a freelance business with students, young professionals, and people trying to build a new career for themselves. Something I also teach at the New Design University in St. Pölten. Additionally, I've given workshops about communications and how to market a business with little to no budget to corporate organizations, startups, and NGOs.


Selected events I've spoken at:


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I'm based in Berlin. However, I travel a lot. Here’s where you can find me in the next few months. Please let me know if you’d like to grab a coffee!

15th – 18th of February, 2019 Helsinki Restaurant Day

22nd – 24th of February, Graz

23rd of February, 2019 TedXLend Graz

2nd of March, 2019 NDU St. Pölten

9th of March, 2019 NDU St. Pölten

23rd of March, 2019 NDU St. Pölten

6th of April, 2019 NDU St. Pölten

21st – 23rd of June, 2019 Stockholm

6th – 8th of September, 2019 Vilnius

11th – 13th of October, 2019 Athens


Would you like me to speak at your next event or conference?

Get in touch! hello(at)mkanokova.com