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What is it you’re building?

Every time we’re busy with our every day life, there is the danger of losing the sight of what we’re really aiming for. Even when there are little plans and projects that keep one busy, the question might remain, what the bigger thing is one would like to do, achieve and realise? 

Our vision is one of the things that define who we are; it also defines the type of people we then surround ourselves with. It’s a vicious circle that either makes us reach for more or lose the self-confidence and the ability to see what we’re capable of.

In the last two months, I’ve spent all of my time and energy helping amazing people do great Kickstarter campaigns. Now that there is one more month left that I'll work on this great project (Kickstarter Outreach) I ponder about what it is I will do next; "How will I spend July, August, or even September?” is one of the questions occupying my mind. The much bigger question I keep asking myself is, “How do I want to spend July, August and September?"

All these thoughts made me realise, that when we work full-time, we don’t have much time to question what it is we’re really working towards. Being part of a team decreases the need of having to define who we are as individuals. In the last seven months since I went freelance, I’ve worked on a lot of incredible projects: every single one exciting and every single one utterly different. The variety of the projects I’ve accomplished in such short time makes it hard for me to decide on what should come next.

I strongly believe that we can only achieve something when we know what it is we want to achieve. I know that I would like to create something and also run another Kickstarter campaign (and be a bit more organised than with the last one.) I know that I want to make something great but I am not so sure what it should be just yet; what would you like to achieve, work on and realise? Maybe we can join forces! 

Please share your vision. I can’t wait to get inspired.