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What to give to your creative friends for Christmas.
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Christmas is just around the corner. Like every year, you might be wondering what to give to your friends. If you are like me, you are probably looking for the exceptional, which usually doesn’t cross your path when you need it the most. (I still cannot believe I only found this after it was way too late to give it to the special someone) As for me personally, I prefer gifts that vanish in my belly quickly, or the gifts that land on my Amazon wish list. It’s easy for me to say that I would have loved receiving one of these books. It’s the books that have touched me or even changed my life in one way or another, so they are the perfect gifts for the people who matter the most to you! 

Give Smart Cuts to the friend who is a tinkerer and a lateral thinker, someone you believe might be able to start a great venture! Give them the final push!

Give Talk like TED to the friend who has a great project and who might consider giving some talks about it. Talk like TED will teach them how to tell their story in a memorable way.

Give Rich Dad. Poor Dad to the friend who will soon turn 30 and is slowly wondering how to think about money. This book is also suitable for your friend who you think spends money on unnecessary things.

Give 100$ Startups to the friend who believes that you need a lot of money to start a business. Chris Guillebeau proves you need exactly 100$.

Give Hipster Business Models to the friend who loves exceptional stories of how people started their businesses. This is also the perfect book for the friend who wonders whether people would ever pay them money for their “slightly weird” idea.

Give No Plot? No Problem! to the friend who has been meaning to write a book forever. 

Give The Happiness Project to the friend that has had a tough year and is hoping to make 2016 a better one.

…and it wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t remind you to give This Year Will Be Different to the friend who has been struggling and complaining about their job and who might be better off going freelance.

I hope I could help with some Christmas gift ideas! If none of them are the right thing, I’d also recommend to buy a knitting kit. For some reason, that’s the one present people thank me for years later. Wool and the Gang has some good ones!

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