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A bit of creative inspiration for you.

Today, Kickstarter launched in Germany and I feel incredibly fortunate I was part of the team that made it happen. If you’d like to read the full story of why and how I’m supporting Kickstarter during their German launch, you can find the story here.

What I would really like to do in this email is to introduce you to some of my favourite projects that have launched today:

If you’d like to save the world twice a day, you should consider getting sustainable toothbrushes from TIO. Designed by two great designers, TIO is a combination of everything Germany is known for: structure, efficiency, and great German engineering.

The wonderful blog, Notes of Berlin, is currently being turned into a movie. The storyline looks so incredibly promising, so don’t miss out on being one of the first people in the audience.

If you love tea AND design, you definitely want to take a look at Miito. Instead of restyling kettles, the designers have rethought the entire process of heating water.

If you have a hidden or not so hidden nerdy side, you want to take a closer look at The Future Chronicles, a great publication about the history of the Internet.

.. and if you’d like to try some vegan cheese, I’d love to recommend Happy Cheese to you. I’m very excited about getting this cashew-nuts-goodness straight into my belly.

If you are based in Germany and have an idea for a Kickstarter project, don’t hesitate and let me know. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge to help creatives build their project pages and also their communities.