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Talk at Creative Mornings Vienna

Have you ever loved something, but decided to give it up? I don’t mean giving up on people you loved. I mean giving up on an activity or a job. I came across this blog post by Derek Sivers that made me think about the things I gave up. Much more, his post made me think about the moments when I decided to give something up. Often, it’s the moments we decide to give up one thing to pursue another that we gather our courage to make something more meaningful happen. 

As coincidences usually go, the post was mentioned in the Creative Mornings newsletter. About 10 minutes after I read the post, Harald, the new host of Creative Mornings Vienna, asked me if I’d like to speak about “Moments” at the next event.

If you’re around, I’d love to see you there! Tickets will go live next Monday at 11am, and the event will be on the 3rd of February, at 8:30am at the Angewandte Lab.

On another note, the Kickstarter campaign for Work Trips and Road Trips will go live on the 2nd of February. You can sign up here: if you’d like to get notified. There will be a special reward for the people who back the project within the first 48 hours!