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It’s a Wrap! January

New year, new adventures! 

I spent most of January preparing the Kickstarter campaign for Work Trips and Road Trips. It’s already live and you can see it here!

Ewelina, the illustrator I hired to create the collages for #WTART has, once again, done an amazing job! I knew she’s incredible, given she illustrated This Year Will Be Different, but the collages she made of the women I interviewed blew my mind. We’ve also found a designer, so be ready to help us choose a cover for Work Trips and Road Trips! I’ll post about it on this blog and also write a Kickstarter update once we’re ready to share the designs with you!

Before the end of the year, I’ve agreed with Sean, who I work with at Kickstarter, that I’d focus on the fashion category the next three months. As part of this sprint, I’ve attended the Fashion Fairs in Berlin and also Modefabriek in Amsterdam. I’ve hosted an event for fashion designers, which was part of the Embrace Your Hustle series, and I was also fortunate to be able to organize a lunch for fashion journalists.

I wanted to make the lunch really special, so I hired Sophia Hoffmann to host it. She then, being a perfectionist herself, asked the Rag'N'Bone Man team to create the flower arrangements. The event looked beautiful and the food was so tasty! I can only recommend Sophia’s cookbooks. She truly is the vegan queen!

If you’re a fashion designer and are reading this, please get in touch, as I’m currently working closely with designers on launching their Kickstarter campaign!