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It's a wrap! October

I remember last year when I swore that I’d force myself to speak to the camera more often. First was the Skillshare class that Sarah and I shot in September, and now, the second video for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Given the experience of those two videos, I might be able to say that being on film is way out of my comfort zone, which means that it’s something I must practice. On another note, the video for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign is complete and already uploaded. I’m still refining my concept for the text and the rewards, which I want to make more attractive than last time, but nevertheless, you can already have a peek here, and maybe even bookmark the page to receive a notification when it goes live. But that’s just a thought…

However, Kickstarter doesn’t just keep me busy because of the upcoming book that I have already started working on. At the beginning of the month, Kickstarter’s strategy team and I met with a couple of German creators to discuss the challenges of the German market. It was an incredible experience and one that makes you realise that even in a globalised world, there are still significant cultural differences. 

In the third week of the month, I went to the Dutch Design Week and spoke at the EHV Summit, consulted the wonderful teams at Eindhoven's Startup Bootcamp, and also managed to visit the great folks at Rockstart in Amsterdam, followed by a meeting with Dan from Peerby, the peer landing platform whose founders consider every city to be the greatest warehouse one can possibly have. 

I was also invited by the KAS to run a workshop about the trades one needs to be considered an attractive employee with Andreas Winiarski who represented Rocket Internet. Quite a combination! 

The best news is probably that of Raven and Finch, one of my wonderful clients, has been featured in the Entrepreneur Podcast on Monocle24, and also the news that my photography was highlighted in an EyeEms community newsletter

Once again, it was quite a month! I’m not taking any new clients until the end of the year, but will be available from January on! It’s time to take some time off, and quite frankly, I think we all deserve that every now and then. If you are curious about my South African adventures, follow along on Instagram.  

It’s a wrap! July

Following Oren’s advice that you have to work “on” your business and not just "in" your business, I spent the beginning of July reviewing and reworking my website. I launched the first version of my website at the end of last year, so I had to make sure my website remained an accurate reflection of my services.

It was important for me to remove all the references of clients that I had worked with (such as Niemetz, Teekanne, Skiny Bodywear, etc.) while working for my past employers. I listed them as my references at first to have at least some kind of validation of my past work.

My former colleague and now also a great friend, Sarah Halbeisen, helped me with the visuals. I’m pleased with how the images turned out, so if you need pictures for your own website, ask her to help you. She’s great to work with!  

I felt a lot like writing in July, so I spent some time pitching and writing articles for the team at Facebook, a gig I got through Contently. If you’re a freelance writer, definitely create a profile on Contently to showcase your work and get the clients that fit your interests. I truly am a huge fan of what they do!

The most exciting moment of the month was when I received an email from the team at 99U offering to feature one of the interviews from This Year Will Be Different after I sent them a cold email. A cold email! Never thought these things actually worked! Yay!

I read their message in bed and was up in about 20 seconds, not even capable of finishing the last paragraph. It took a few hours for me to finally read the final sentences. Haven’t felt like this in ages, by the way. Speaking of #TYWBD, there are some books at the Zamm Coffee Shop that you should look into.

Another highlight of the month was Kathrin Folkendt’s event "3 Freelancers. 3 Stories.” She invited me to share my experiences and what I’ve done to kick off my freelance career. I was really impressed with all the people who came and stayed with us until the very end despite the 38°C degrees we had in Vienna that night. Not only was it great to do something together with Kathrin Folkendt and Elisabeth Oberndorfer, I was also really pleased to bump into the guys behind Freewheelstories, a filmmaker duo from Amsterdam.

Last but not least, Kickstarter and I agreed on extending my contract and I’ll now support them in Austria, Germany, and Holland until the end of the year. If you have a project, please don’t hesitate and get in touch.