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It's a wrap! May

May felt like a transition month. Having finalized my involvement with Kickstarter after two years and coming back from an extensive vacation, May was the month I needed to decide what to do next.

Given I studied interior architecture but spent most of the past couple of years working in the digital communication field, I’ve decided it’s time to combine these two and rebrand accordingly.

My plan is to focus on clients from the hospitality industry and work with hotels, cafés, restaurants, and other physical spaces to help them shape their customer experience. I want to help these clients understand how to best use social media, which means I’m planning to get involved with the interior design, help them plan exciting events and retreats, and shape the overall customer experience in order to build a loyal community and customer base.  

Simultaneously, and in celebration of having a third book, Work Trips and Road Trips, coming out soon, I’m working on a community platform, which you’ll soon find under

My own website, this website, will become a personal landing page.  

I’m currently rebuilding my entire web presence and – you guessed it – building three new websites simultaneously. If you know of someone from the hospitality field who might need help with their communication, or if you know someone’s planning to open a café, a restaurant, or a hotel soon and wants to refresh their offering, please direct them to me.

I also started working with a global field sales team that works with clients in the hospitality field to help with their digital messaging. Additionally, given I also like to work with socially-minded projects, I’ve rewritten the German texts for Ruby Cup’s website, which is launching soon!

I'm booked throughout the summer but happy to take on new clients from September on!