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What a rich dad would have told you.

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Do you remember my article about money? Recently I’ve come across two really interesting books I’d like to recommend to you. One, Financially Fearless, is a book that makes you feel as if someone would finally take your hand and walk you through budgeting, insurances and everything else you should be aware of, now that you’re an adult. The second book is what I would call an amazing discovery: "Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki explains what he learned from his two “dads” about money. To give you a small insight, you should limit your expenses and invest time and money in the things that make you money in the long run. I’ve always had my issues with people who buy apartments that they cannot afford and finally I found someone who shares my opinion. Anyway, you should definitely put these two books to your reading list. 

I’ve also started mapping out the next books I want to publish; for the next one I want to focus on money and interview women who really know how to make the most out of theirs. If you know of someone who you admire for their budgeting/spending/investing skills, please be awesome and put me in touch with them. I figured that if I solve my own issues and answer my own questions, I can probably solve the issues of many others and help them too.

Ok, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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