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We’re 68% there. This is what happened this past week.

The average book sells 250 times a year in the US. I am incredibly proud that after less than two weeks since launching this campaign we have already surpassed that number! Thank you to everyone who's pre-ordered their copy of #MCFSB

I’ve sent the manuscript to some incredible people to ask them for feedback and here is what they said about the book:

Paul Jarvis, the creator of the Creative Class said:

"I truly believe side-projects are necessary for all freelancers. Monika does a brilliant job of summing up why as well as how to tackle them in this book!”

Katy Cowan, the Founding Editor of Creative Boom and MD at Boomerang PR described #MCFSB as:

"Packed full of inspiring interviews with women all across the world who have successfully gone freelance or turned their side projects into multiple revenue streams, it’s something even the most established business owner should add to their reading list.”

Sean Blanda, the Editor-in-Chief and Director at 99U said:

“With so much blustery, useless career advice out there #MCFSB is a revelation: actionable practical advice that you can use the moment you put down the book. A must read for those looking to develop their side hustle." 

.. and John Lee Dumas, our favourite Entrepreneur on Fire described #MCFSB as an:

"Excellent read for entrepreneurs who are ready to be challenged to think outside of the box about their businesses and IGNITE." 

All looking good and I am incredibly excited! Yay!

Also, I wanted to thank you. I don’t know who of you is responsible for this but there has been some incredible coverage in various outlets in the past couple of days. If you want to read some more about the process, what I usually do or just want to see who had something nice to say, here are some articles:

#MCFSB has been featured on:

Design Taxi (High Five to whoever is responsible for this)

Creative Boom (The lovely Mark interviewed me for the newly re-designed CB)

AdWeek’s GalleyCat (I shouldn’t check my phone at 6am. I saw this and couldn’t go back to sleep anymore)

The Austrian Gap Magazine (If you prefer to read something in German)

Frau, frei und (The German go-to-page for freelancers)

There has even been a snapshot of the campaign on The Next Web (Woohoo)

I’d love it if we could reach 100% of the funding goal in the next couple of days. Please spread the word. Tell anyone who you believe might benefit from reading #MCFSB or get a second book to give it to them. I have been reaching out to companies to get some vouchers for you to make your everyday life as a freelancer a more pleasant one. I cannot wait to share the goodies that I have collected for all the supporters of the Kickstarter pre-order round. 

Greetings from around the world!

Have you pre-ordered and received your book? I've loved seeing the photos and captions shared from places I still dream of visiting one day. Here are some of my favourite pictures (I hope to see some more in the coming days) that were tagged with #thisyearwillbedifferent and #TYWBD on Twitter and Instagram

f you've read the book already, I'd love to know: what story inspired you the most and why?