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The best thing to do on a flight! (You'll thank me for this!)

Let's talk about flying and how most of us think of flying as time wasted because we're stuck in our seats. Now, what do you usually do on a flight? Watch movies? Sleep? Read a book? I do all of these things but none of them make me feel as good as what I did on my last flight to New York.

I cleaned my computer: in just an hour a half, I went through every picture, every file, every screenshot and deleted anything I found wasn't of any value or that I no longer needed. I deleted every image I had taken and didn't like and I felt wonderful! Knowing how cleaning the computer is something most of us don't do, I thought I'd tell you before you board your next plane. 

I'm now back in New York. If you're around, please get in touch and let's have coffee together soon!