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What personality type are you and how does it impact your day to day?
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Have you ever wondered why you repeatedly run into the same situations? Why you keep being attracted to the same type of people, yet feel resented by others that when looking at it closer, might have the same traits over and over again? Have you had the urge to finally break your patterns to get ahead in your career, and well, life? 

While working on Work Trips and Road Trips, I’ve come across the Briggs Meyer 16 personalities tests. I’ve done one of these tests before, but never paid much attention to the results. However, once I conducted all interviews for #WTART, transcribed, and edited them, I needed to specify the story-line of the new publication. 

When Diana, my editor, and I found out about Briggs Meyer and discussed our results. 

When Diana, my editor, and I found out about Briggs Meyer and discussed our results. 


Usually, I work on all interviews and once put all of them in front of me so I can decide what the story-line needs to be (and specify the contents as well). 

When I first had the idea for #WTART, I thought I’d write a straightforward guide where I’d draw the content from the interviews. I thought it would be about travel, so, just like the others, not overly personal. However, when thinking deeply about the structure and what the women I talked to mentioned in our conversations, I knew #WTART would need to be about more personal subjects such as success, mindfulness and purpose. I realized that this time around, I might need to step out of my comfort zone and actually put a little more of myself into the articles than I’d usually dare to. (My personality type, ENFP, is known for being perceived as cheerful and open, but actually not very open about personal emotions whatsoever.) It felt like a huge responsibility to share my personal opinions with the readers and not just a summary of what everyone else said.

Now, and that brings me back to the Briggs Meyer tests, I realized that I should be overly aware of how other people process events compared to how I process them to be able to write something that will be of use for others. I started obsessing with the analysis of my personality type. It’s been really great because I now understand many of the things that I feel and do and find peace with my approach to them. 

One of my favorite blogs, Im Gegenteil (I interviewed one of the founders for #WTART), talks a lot about self-love and I feel like I’ve done a bunch of it these past few weeks.

If you want to give yourself some self-love, I can only recommend to take the test yourself!