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Happiness = Reality - Expectations

Ambitious but daunted. Recognised yourself? You might one of many millennials who recently entered the job market.

Yesterday I wrote about my recent email exchange on the widely known and often discussed megalomania of GenY. I believe our attitude has to do with the expectations raised in us by our parents. We’ve always been the most special kids in the entire universe, right?


I am very thankful my mother raised me the way she did. She was the one who made me believe that everyone was equal and had the same chances to “make it” - whatever that means - in this world.

But the world can be much more complex than my rather childish positive outlook likes to recognise. While this attitude can open many doors, it’s the same attitude that makes us doubt literally everything when things don’t go as smoothly as we’ve expected them to.

About eight months ago I stumbled upon an article published on Wait By Why, which I’ve forwarded to many people ever since. Their analysis of the attitude and expectations of GenY and the reasons why we sometimes feel rather unhappy is straightforward and insightful. Click here and see for yourself.