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It’s a wrap! June

I kicked off June with a second workshop with the team at SOS Kinderdorf. We’ve discussed community building for their various activities. As transparency must be at the core for any business that wants to build a community, it was rather challenging to figure out a strategy for community building initiatives while making sure the privacy of SOS Kinderdorf's protégés remains guaranteed. 

Nowadays, and with the rise of the social web, many people want to have a full understanding of how different systems work and they want to understand in more detail what happens to their money. While the social web has given everyone the tools to emotionalize people and build a community, people are being held accountable and must remain open and transparent if they want to win trust of donors.

In my opinion, having to be transparent has paved the way for independent makers and creators, and it’s what makes working with Kickstarter creators so enjoyable. In June, I organized an event for fashion creators. I also helped Matriarch, I Lock It, and Triggers to hit their goals on Kickstarter.

Furthermore, I was honored to participate in Stephan’s Kardos Creativity Gym as a speaker to a small group of talented students at the University of Economics in Vienna. 

One of my favorite community building initiatives was Joe Edelman’s Soundtrack Dinner. Joe created a playlist and invited everyone to come up with a tapas dish to go with the song he chose. For one hour, we listened to the songs, while eating. Talking wasn’t allowed. The sensory feeling one gets from focusing all your energy on your ears and taste buds was pretty much unforgettable, and I’d recommend everyone to try this out at home too! It was, let me tell you, bloody damn amazing!

Let’s see what July brings!