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Help us choose a cover for This Year Will Be Different

Choosing a book cover is probably the hardest part of the design process. So we did everything else first. But now, with the ISBN number ordered, the manuscript and illustrations finalized, and the Kickstarter goal almost reached (7% to go!), it's time to face the front (of the book, I mean). We would love to see the message of This Year Will Be Different spread across the Instagram streams and Pinterest boards of anyone thinking about making this year, well, different! That's a big dream, and we'll need a bold cover to make it a reality.

We figured four opinions weren't enough for such an important decision. We'd love to hear what you think and which cover you like the most. Please leave a comment under this posting and help us get it right.


Monika, Ewelina, Diana and Diana Jean

This year will be different! I'm publishing a book, which you might want to read.

Happy New Year to you! I hope you kicked off your year fabulously well and that you had reindeers at your door, surprises in your mail, and many smiles on your face.

I might have mentioned before that I've been working on a book; This Year Will Be Different is a guide to starting out as a freelancer. The book is filled with stories and interviews with successful women about their careers and how they built the businesses they run today. To top it off, there are 23 chapters on topics such as on building your own website, firing your inner perfectionist, how much you should have saved up before becoming self-employed, on how to set a price for your services, and other articles to answer questions I believe everyone wants to know more about once they start thinking about founding a business.

You can get the first feel for what's the book going to be like on Kickstarter; and because I didn't send you a Christmas present, here's a secret Dropbox link to one of the interviews, which I haven't published anywhere else just yet. 

PS: I promise the book's much better than the video :)