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It’s a Wrap! November

One of the most defining moments of this month was the chance to participate in the symposium for museums of the German speaking countries called “Zugang gestalten.” It was really interesting to learn about the struggles of cultural institutions. While the startup scene is busy thinking about how to get people’s attention and to view their content, the cultural institutions are dealing with copyrights and questioning how to digitize all the treasures hidden in their vaults.
This month, I have only hosted one intro to Kickstarter, which was in the pretty Munich, and then I gathered an incredible group of 60 creatives to another installment of Kickstarter’s Embrace the Hustle series in Berlin. This month’s topic was on turning side projects into full-time careers. My favorite topic, really. :D

I was incredibly proud when I stumbled upon a mention of This Year Will Be Different in a blog post on the Career Shifters blog, where a woman shared her story of how she shifted her career from advertising to work in literacy training. These are the sort of stories I’m especially proud of, which Berlin Loves You picked up on and interviewed me about. You can read the interview here.
I also took a few days off in November and went to visit Marrakesh. If you’ve never been (or even if you’ve been), this is an incredible place to visit. You can see some pictures on Instagram. Look for the hashtag #molikesh2016.

It’s a Wrap! October

Every time I get to see Diana, my editor, the world seems suddenly much brighter! She’s such a sweetheart! One of the best things about self-initiating projects is that you get to work with the people you choose to work with and create something together. 

Besides hanging out with Diana and her friends, I got to hang out at the Kickstarter office for a full week, which, of all the offices I’ve been to in my life, is definitely my most favorite one! I was also lucky enough to get to visit the Maker Faire and see what the D&T team is up to.

Once I got back to Europe, I spoke at the Bauhaus University, at the Technical University in Wuppertal, at the wonderful Fashion Camp in Vienna and at the Business Riot Festival. I hosted an intro to Kickstarter in Vienna, Berlin, and Amsterdam! I also started a new series, Embrace Your Hustle. In 1.5 years, I’ve done around 70 or 80 Intro To Kickstarter talks and just started getting tired of the format a little. Embrace Your Hustle enables me to host events targeted by category.

For the first one, I decided to focus on tiny projects. It was an event dedicated to small projects done for the purpose of learning and personal growth. I invited Alexa Shoen, Susanne Scheerer, and Maia Beyrouti to speak about their passion projects. It was an incredible all women panel and I can’t wait to run a few more events as part of this series.

This month, my favorite creators I helped with their projects were Virtu, the sustainable Alpaca pullovers made in Peru, and Megasus Horserunners. I was also fortunate enough to attend the Dutch Design Week and meet Fancy van de Vorst and Maryann Schreurs, the Vice Mayor of Innovation, Design, Culture, and Sustainability of Eindhoven.

I’m also grateful to Violeta Nedkova sharing a wonderful review of My Creative (Side) Business on her blog and to the team at Cloudpeeps for introducing me as a Freedom Creator in one of their blog posts.

Last but not least, and probably the biggest news of this year is that I’ve finally managed to pay back my student loan! Now, please, everyone, raise your glasses, as I’m raising mine! CHEERS!