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It’s a Wrap! August

My friend Julia and I kicked off August with a short vacation to Copenhagen. As my trips usually go, I managed to do business on the side and will host a Kickstarter event in Copenhagen in September during #TechTember2016

I also flew to Oslo to attend An Interesting Day. I mostly wanted to be there because of Jessica Walsh’s talk and also because how many times can you say you flew to Oslo to hang out on an island with some of the most wonderful Norwegians for a day? I also consider myself lucky for having bumped into Kate and Chelsey from San Francisco. Flying in from Vienna, my journey most certainly wasn’t the longest one.

Amongst others, in August, I helped Arabian Stories and Nindyaa to reach their goal on Kickstarter. I also hosted an Intro to Kickstarter in Berlin.

Creative Boom interviewed me about my latest work and I shared some photos from my home office in Vienna. There was also a mention of my work on Kickstarter’s blog. Here and here are the links if you’d like to read more about what I’ve been up to lately.