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#WTART Update 08: Some live videos to watch this weekend

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Thank you so much for joining our live stream. In case you missed it, rewatch it here. if you have any questions, please email



As some of you might know, I’ve recorded two Skillshare classes myself and I’ve watched several dozens of classes created by talented people who decided to share their skills with others.

Here are some of my favorites that might help you with your freelance business:

Samantha Wilson’s series “Now What?” is great for graphic designers who’d like to learn what to do with their creations besides putting them down on paper:

If you run an Instagram account for your business, you might appreciate Dana Malstaff’s strategy to create and manage your strategy through Trello:

Philip Campbell summarized the places where you can sell digital assets online:

Luna Vega, whose story you’ve read in This Year Will Be Different, created a class about email marketing techniques:

One of my favorite people at Kickstarter, Stephanie Pereira, made a class to teach you about storytelling, which is a pretty handy class if you’re planning to go live on Kickstarter in the foreseeable future. (Tom Bates, a backer of My Creative (Side) Business did and I was lucky to help him!)

I can also highly recommend the class of my friend Gareth Pon, who teaches you how to make the most of Instagram:

...and finally, if you haven’t already watched it, you might like to take my class on freelancing as a little recap:

Happy Saturday! Enjoy the videos! 


Skillshare classes that will help you grow your business.

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Do you sometimes ask yourself whether something groundbreaking and important slipped your attention? Working in the digital industries, a lot is going on every single day and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. At least, that’s how I feel.  

Educating myself has become one of my top priorities, but because it’s impossible to attend conferences every single day, it’s important to make education part of the day to day. 

I watch TED or Creative Mornings talks whenever I eat by myself. It’s inspiring, but it doesn’t make me work on my business; that’s where Skillshare comes in.

On Skillshare, every class comes with an exercise and the possibility to get feedback on the projects you upload. It’s no longer just listening. Skillshare forces you to think and share your work progress with others, a practice that might help you grow your business. 

So, if you’d like to push yourself a bit further, I would love to recommend some of the classes I’ve found that could be valuable to you:

  • Context is Key by Gary Vaynerchuk will teach you how to use social media to make people aware of your business.
  • The New Business Toolbox by Seth Godin will guide you through the strategy of business communication to get it right from the beginning.

…and if you’re interested in what I have to say about freelancing, An Insightful Guide to Becoming a Freelancer might be the right class for you.

I hope these classes will help you grow your business. Let me know what classes you’ve enrolled in.

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