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Why and how you should set yourself small goals.

How do you set yourself goals? Do you have a big goal you strive to get a little closer to every day or do you prefer to have several smaller goals? 

When I was little I knew that one day I would become a fashion designer. I was trying to reach this one big goal, but because I wasn't there yet, I felt like a failure every single day. I was so dedicated to achieving my goal that I almost didn't recognize how the entire industry had changed. Suddenly, fashion wasn’t a world I wanted to be a part of. It took me at least six years to redefine myself after I gained this life-changing insight. During this time, I was very upset because I no longer knew where I belonged. But I knew that I didn’t want to have a goal that would make me feel the way I did when I dreamed of working in fashion.

Eventually, I decided to do things differently. Instead of having one big goal, I started to make up small and achievable goals. Goals that would allow me to celebrate my little accomplishments every day. Ever since I changed my attitude towards goals, I’ve been happier and far more motivated. Most important of all, I’ve never been short on creativity.

I wrote the above because I was asked how to get out of creative blocks - something that I have not experienced in years. Why? Because I've learned how to make celebrations a set part of my daily life, I am motivated, inspired, and connected to the next step; simply because I value every small step and see it as an achievement. 

So, again, what is your goal? And how can you make up several small goals worth celebrating along the way while you’re working toward your one big vision?

I look forward to hearing from you; just comment below. 

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