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Don't let your fears hold you back. Here is why, how and everything else you should know.

I don’t know how it is for you but people often say to me that they would like to work freelance but that they are worried it won’t work out for them.

As it is with many things in life, the first time we try or do something is also the most difficult. Jumping into cold water is daunting and scary but once you’re in the water, your body adapts and you’re fine (!)

Personally I am most afraid of my own fear. Fear intimidates us; it makes us give up, it’s what stops us. But we should remember that once we’ve overcome our own fear nothing is as bad and painful as we first imagined it would be. I guess it’s because once you’ve taken one step, your body adjusts and balances and is ready for the next one and then you just keep moving forward.

Shortly after I decided to start my own company, I also decided to write a book about the process of going freelance; mainly as a way to overcome my own fear.
I knew I would have to invest money in the book to make it real and commit myself to writing it, which I did. Then I thought why not run a Kickstarter campaign, which is something I had always wanted to do, so I did that too. The campaign was successful.

For me, Kickstarter was a step. So, as I said above, a step leads to the next step: I started talking to people at Kickstarter a lot and somehow managed to be in the right place at the right time, having the right skill set too. Okay, so fast forward to today; I am now working with the team at Kickstarter on a great project. My side project (#TYWBD) led to a client. (If you're thinking about asking me to help you with a project, I'm free after June)

I feel incredibly fortunate; all because I dared to take that first step, which then guided me to the next step, and so it goes. I walk on this freelance path while meeting and working with great clients along the way. 

Everyone is at least a little bit afraid that they won’t make it, whatever the “it” is for them. But you must take the first step; you must jump into the cold water and after the initial shock it will be fine, invigorating. And once you’ve made this first jump, you can think about what is the next thing that you’re scared of and how you will overcome that fear. Good luck! 

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