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Without excitement, you’re exchangeable.

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend who was rejected after a job interview. I listened to her and the way she talked about the position and suddenly I realised why they didn’t consider her: she wasn't excited about the role. When looking for work, or even freelance jobs, there are three things that truly matter: skills, vision, and excitement. In addition, you need proof of all three.

It might take a lot of self-reflection to figure out what you're really excited about; to figure out what makes your heart sing and your eyes sparkle. But how do you expect to convince anyone that you’re the right person for a job if they don’t see that you’re head over heels? It's not enough to be excited; you have to be able to show that you are. 

The best way to convince someone you're a good fit for a job is to have proof of your excitement. Have you seen the movie The Rebound? (Probably not.) When the main actress wants to get a job in sports journalism, she shows the interviewer a (physical) map with sports result she's been tracking for years - results and statistics she's been writing down without anyone asking her to, let alone paying her to. She didn’t need formal education. She could prove she was the right candidate. 

This is why, in the age of the social web, it makes sense to share your excitement publicly. Once you do and keep doing it, people (and it’s very likely it’s going to be the right people) will notice and approach you. I got my first real job offer because I had a blog where I wrote about the things I found interesting. No one cared that I only had experience as a waitress. I was excited and I made people aware of that.

I don’t know what you’re excited about in particular, but whatever it is, start showing and sharing your excitement today. On Instagram, on Tumblr or on your personal blog. It’s about time! 

It's time to build your own website and start a blog. This is why.

December! You know what that means? Soon everyone will start asking you about your new year’s resolution. To make things easier I'll tell you what it should be: “In 2015, I’ll make a personal website and start a blog.” 

Having a blog is not necessarily about being a blogger. It’s not about trying to make money either. It’s about putting yourself out there. It’s about making your opinion, your work and your ideas accessible to a wider audience. Having a blog really is about letting people know what to approach you for. They don’t need to visit your website regularly. They don’t need to read every blog post you publish. But your website should exist so people recall you when something relevant crosses their paths.

You know how some people are on your radar although you never met them personally? Your website is a way to be that person.

Having your own website is a game of serendipity. It’s not about the numbers (ok, I am working on a newsletter that will help you with the numbers too). It's about the people who find your site and think it’s valuable. Your website and your blog are virtual doors for people to say ‘hello' and help you reach whatever you’re after. 

A website will make you more attractive to potential employers because they’ll have access to the ideas that matter to you. Potential clients will be able to find out what to hire you for and old friends will be able to react to your posts after they lost touch with you without seeming awkward. See, it’s all good things!

I am sharing these insights with you because I am currently working on a book for which I’ve interviewed several women about their careers. It truly impressed me how invaluable their websites, their blogs and their social media accounts have been for them. It will be a hands-on how-to guide with stories and tips, tricks and strategies to make next year truly successful. Expected release is mid January. 

Please send me your questions about shifting careers, starting off as a freelancer or founding a business which you want to see answered in the book. I really appreciate every input and every idea. Especially yours. 

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