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It’s a Wrap! December

I spent about ten days in New York this past December. As you might remember, I visited New York before the election and coming back in December, I came back more or less right after the election. The city felt different and everyone I spoke to, every single one of the wonderful people in New York, said to me that the day after the election felt like the day after 9/11. The streets of New York went quiet.

For the very first time, I didn’t really enjoy being there. Usually, New York is cheerful, but this time around, it really wasn’t. I attended Art After Trump, an event organized by the Housing Works Bookstore and the Creative Independent. I must admit, when I came back home to Vienna, I felt exhausted. All I wanted was to nest, so I started redecorating my apartment. I sold a bunch of things and then bought a new sofa and a coffee table that went well with the carpet I bought in Marrakesh. Making home home and taking the time to take things easy felt like the right thing to do.

In December, the projects I was excited about the most that I helped come to life on Kickstarter were Property Of’s Reflective Backpacks for Bikers, WingBrush, Bionic Toys, and A Good Plan, better known as Ein Guter Plan. I also gave a talk to documentary filmmakers.

My contract with Kickstarter would have ended at the end of the year, but the team at Kickstarter and I decided to extend it until the end of March. I’m planning to take things easier in 2017 and focus on my personal projects. Can’t wait to share more about my plans with you soon!

Happy New Year everyone! <3