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It's a wrap! February

February felt like a quiet month. I spent the majority of the time dealing with my little side project, This Year Will Be Different, which is a guide to getting started as a freelancer. Once the Kickstarter campaign made its funding goal, the real work began.

First, I had to find a printer. I decided to appoint Kay Printing in New Jersey; if you need a printing company close to New York, they are your people. Cost-effective, professional, friendly.

Then, because I wanted to make receiving the book special, I decided to wrap every single one as if it were a present. Wrapping 200 books takes about 2 days. That’s a lot of time, but now that I see how much people (here, here, here or here) are enjoying this little gesture, I know it was worth the while. 

For everyone who hasn’t backed the Kickstarter campaign, the book is available on Amazon. If you want to have a closer look at the contents, check out this page.

But This Year Will Be Different wasn’t the only thing that kept me busy throughout the month. I spent a couple of days working on a social strategy with the team at Badger & Winters. And I’m especially proud of the guys at SCHED, who have finally pushed a feature live on Eventbrite, where I helped them with the UX.

All in all, I spent a great time meeting people here in the big apple. I finally got to meet my editor, Diana Joiner, who came to New York for a day. I also met up with Amy Virginia Buchanan, an aspiring singer and Kevin Masse, a great chef who works in advertising. I had a coffee with Jeffrey Yamaguchi, a wonderful writer and thinker and also got to know Kendel Ratley, the relationship director at Kickstarter.

I’m flying back to Vienna tomorrow and would love to have a coffee if you’re around. I’m currently booked throughout March, but if you have an interesting project lined up for April, where you could do with some help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

It’s a wrap! January

At the end of last month I got a request from the guys at SCHED to work with them on an Eventbrite plug-in and help them revamp their email marketing strategy. 

When I saw how well This Year Will Be Different was coming together (in particular the beautiful illustrations) I decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund a print edition of the book.

The campaign rolled out on the 4th of January and was successfully funded on the 27th of January, 10AM CET.

Initially I tried to get to 5K but thanks to several features (here, here, here) and also the great support of the community team at Kickstarter, 376 people pledged $8,873. I cannot even express in words how touched I am by the interest in the project. 

Then, another cool thing happened. I had the chance to speak at a Marketing Natives event and share a little more about how to get (better) jobs. 

As it was my first month back in Vienna, it was a month filled with great reunions. Some of the lovely people I met with to discuss freelance work were Anna Heuberger, Nina Mohimi, Sarah Halbeisen and Julia Basagic

At the end of the month I flew back to New York, where I’ll be spending all of February. Very excited to see what the next month will bring. Maybe a collaboration with you? Get in touch if you need help with your great project or if you want to grab a coffee. 

How to say 'thank you' in a way that truly touches people.

How do you say 'thank you'? I don't just mean the two words. I mean how do you express gratitude in a way that captures how you truly feel?

Yesterday the Kickstarter for my book hit the goal; one of my clients pledged $261 and sent me an email titled "A small gift for you". This morning, the illustrator of the book sent me an email saying how happy she was that we reached 5K so quickly.

When people are so incredibly nice and caring, I don't always know how to give back in a way that shows how much I care. How much all this means to me. 

Gwen, who I interviewed for the book, said to me that she believes her job is to make her customers' day better than it was before they entered her store. It wasn't just about being kind, it was about making a lasting impression - something people would take with them as they went through their day. I feel we should all try to do this in our interactions with others. 

So I've been thinking about the ways I can make this kind of impact: by wrapping things extra nicely, by taking more time to answer emails, or by sending little surprises. 

I'd like to invite you to do the same. Make someone else's day a much better one than it was before they received an email, a phone call, a package or flowers from you. It will not just make them feel better, but you too.

What it takes to finalise a project and how to find people to help you with that.

Like every new year, we usually start off with resolutions of what we'd like to accomplish in the upcoming twelve months. However, throughout the year, our preferences may change and we sometimes forget about our big hopes, grandiose plans and inventive visions that we had at the beginning of January.

As with most projects, we need other people to get a project off the ground; not just to keep up our motivation levels, but also to produce the quality of work we want to see associated with our names.

In the last newsletter about my Kickstarter for This Year Will Be Different, I might have mentioned what I'm working on, but I haven't quite told you the story behind the story: publishing a book had been my resolution for 2013 (!).

So, how did I suddenly manage to make it work and what can you do to make your New Year's resolution stick?

It seems that once you set a deadline, spend money and include other people, it's far more likely you'll not just start another project, but you’ll finish it too. So, in other words, only after I assigned a budget to this side project, set myself a deadline and found a graphic designer, an illustrator and an editor, things finally started moving.

When you're at the beginning of your career or want to make a career change, you need to learn how to become your own client. If you've read the interview with Lauren, which I shared in the last newsletter, you know what I'm talking about.

Luckily, once you decide that you must start working on projects that fill you with joy and not just your bank account with money, you'll realize, sooner or later, that other people are also looking for projects that will help them evolve in the right direction.

If you share your vision and beliefs and are open about the reasons why you're doing what you're doing, it's not going to be for the sake of “money” why others will want to help you get your project off ground: I've been incredibly fortunate to find a team for This Year Will Be Different on Elance and Behance. I openly shared my vision and these highly-talented women agreed to help (yay!). While I had a budget assigned to this cause, it definitely wasn't how much I want to pay them once the book starts selling (hopefully). Having included other people in my project absolutely increased my dedication to making it work.

So, what's the project you need some extra pressure for and who do you need to get things started? Let's make this mail a project matchmaking: please respond with your exciting project ideas and I'll follow up on this cause next week.