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#WTART Update 13: Super exciting, super good news!

I just finished reviewing the manuscript within its final layout! Once Chris implements my comments, Diana will make the final check. We’re so very close to printing the proof copies! 

Regarding the cover, we have four possible color combinations; a combination of blue and green or peachy orange. I’ve decided to make the final decision once I'm holding the manuscripts in my hands. 

Just last week, we’ve finally received the blurbs for the back of the book. I’m super proud and super excited the power women Annie Daly, Emma Gannon, Kathi Kamleitner, and Katy Cowan share what they thought about the book with us! (Don’t forget to check out their incredible work.) 

Here's what they said: 

"A must-read for all freelancers with a serious case of wanderlust who want, more than anything else, to create a life they never feel the need to escape from." 

Annie Daly


"This book is not a fairy tale story or a book of inspirational quotes; it is full of solid advice that you will keep with you throughout the rest of your career."

Emma Gannon


"A creative inspiration, thoughtful reminder, and encouraging guidance all in one. Monika gets you thinking about your life choices, next business steps, and as always, your priorities."

Kathi Kamleitner


"Through her new book, Monika yet again shows us how to free ourselves from the chains of conventionalism and live a different, more adventurous life where we can thrive and be successful without following a traditional path. Worth your time!" 

Katy Cowan

I really hope I manage to get the book live on Amazon before you head out for summer vacation. It’s the perfect read for that! 

Let’s talk about money: how do you deal with your pension fund?

What are your thoughts on pension provision, finance, reserve funds, investment and stock options? For me they are all part of a world in which I don’t belong. The other day, I had an appointment with my bank consultant and I came out of the meeting wondering whether everyone has a pension fund but never talks about it, or whether no-one is dealing with their future responsibilities which is why no-one ever talks about money.

My bank consultant suggested that I invest in a company fund and mentioned “financially trustworthy companies” such as Unilever and Nestlé; I flipped! These are companies that I try really hard to avoid; I purposefully try not to spend my money on their products so why should I invest in them to support their growth?
My bank consultant said; “But you must think like an investor!” Which of course I do; as Cristiana said in her interview for #TYWBD: “You must have money, to spend money, to make money.” But at the end of the day, how do you spend money in a reasonable way and avoid becoming part of the “evil” gang? How do you make sure you save up or spend to save up so that you have enough on side when times aren't as good as they are today?

I wonder and leave you with a question; what do you do to save up for your retirement future? Or don’t you do anything about it at all? 

I look forward to hearing about your point of view. As always, please leave a comment below.

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