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It's a wrap! April 2018
new design university
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April was great! I’ve successfully accomplished my three month assignment with Veganz. I’m especially very happy I was able to hand it over to someone as capable and wonderful as Moritz Möller.

Moritz and I met when I first moved to Berlin. Back then, he was heading the local Instagram community, and to this day, he’s responsible for the #igersberlin account. He’s someone I’d recommend any day. It’s so great to know the marketing department at Veganz is in good hands.

I really love the mission of the company and I’m thankful it’s given me the opportunity to reflect more on what lands on our (and especially my) plate. If you’re interested in veganism and might want some help to make you give up meat, I can only recommend the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and Patrick Bolk’s Vegan Guide

Don’t get me wrong, I do really enjoy eating meat for its taste. However, the more I read about what it means to eat meat in our capitalist times, the more I wonder how it’s even possible veganism is such niche thing. From the ethical point of view, veganism should really be the norm for anyone who lives in an urban area in what’s considered a developed country.

This quote sums it up well: 

"Since the world has changed so much, the same values don’t lead to the same choices anymore."

Jonathan Safran Foer

While my Veganz project has come to an end, I’m glad I’ll now be able to dedicate more time working together with the Barcelona-based agency Hanzo. We’re working on a student initiative for a London-based client and it’s the sort of work that’s truly aligned with what I’m most excited about: helping people get the sort of work they're most excited about.

I’ve also finished teaching at the New Design University. My course Social Media for Designers was a series of lectures on how to use the Internet as a tool to make a living as an independent creative (or get the sort of jobs with the companies one wants to work for). 

I love exploring what’s possible online and it’s moments like getting emails from EyeEm that I sold 40 images (of food) in one month that give me a weird sense of satisfaction. 

And even though I do make parts of my income with selling photos of food, it pleases me even more when a publication such as Girlboss recommends one of my books to their readers. 

All in all a very pleasant, successful month. I’m fully booked until the end of May, however, if you have a project you want to do in June, please don’t hesitate and drop me a line. Let’s talk! 

New year, new book!

I wanted to wish you a happy new year! Thank you so much for being such an important part of my last year.

You might have noticed that I have been incredibly quiet in the past couple of weeks. First, I went on a crazy road trip through South Africa while leaving my laptop at home. Then, after such long withdrawal from the digital world, I got back to finalise the first draft of another book dedicated to creative freelancers. And now, now it’s time to announce that My Creative (Side) Business is live on Kickstarter!

If you are looking for an inspirational guide to help you figure out how to utilize your creativity to either slowly transition into a freelance lifestyle or want to know how to invest your time to build a stable freelance business, then this is the right read for you.

I would love if you’d get this new book while we are live on Kickstarter. I’m in the midst of getting some exciting companies throw some extra goodies and vouchers in, for me to be able to make the rewards even more valuable for you. I don’t want you to miss out on that.

See you on Kickstarter!

PS: The book will be illustrated by the San Francisco based Sara Combs. I cannot wait to share her art work with you!