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Why I keep a list of places I’d like to visit one day

I just launched a new Kickstarter campaign featuring interesting buildings in Berlin. Below is the story how the project came to be.

Whenever you visit or move to a place, how do you try to make it feel like it’s home? Do you feel the desire to understand what’s happening in the streets around you and why some things are the way they are?

Last year I published a guide to Viennese coffee culture, and then a couple of weeks later, made one for Berlin’s café scene. It’s actually ridiculous to think I’ve been to more than 100 cafés where I also took a picture. Why would anyone do that?

It’s got to do with something that happened 11 years ago...

When I was 21, I moved to the UK for a year. Back then I didn’t know it was just for a year, so I took a lot of things for granted; like I would do them one day. Most days, I was just doing the same things I did all the days before. Because it was the easy thing to do. I’d go to the same places, visit the same cities, do the same thing over and over again. Then after moving away, I realized I lived in the UK for a year, yet never took the time to go up to Scotland. This realization of not going to Scotland while I lived so close remains to this day a reminder that I don’t want that to happen again.

Whenever I then spent longer stretches of time in places, I’d make it “a thing” to seek out destinations to visit and try to better understand why my environment is the way it is.

It must have been what inspired me to start a list of places I’d like to see and visit one day. It’s a list where I add all places – from cafés to sightseeing spots, which I’d like to see.

Whenever I hear of a good place or read something in an article, I add the place to my list. And then, in the day to day, I make sure to open that list regularly to get out of my way and see something new.

It’s so easy to just simply do the same thing over and over again because it’s what we’ve done yesterday or last week. It’s easy to not look around and ask what this or that mean, as we’re distracted by what we deal with in our day to day.

I’ve launched another Kickstarter campaign. This time it’s a guide to Berlin’s architecture. It’s pictures of buildings you might potentially not even know exist and then bits and pieces about their history and societal context. If you’d like to get a part of “my list” of places I consider worth visiting and knowing about, this is your chance to get this set. Just like last time, it’s a limited print run only.

A Pocket-Sized Travel Guide to Berlin’s Café Scene, now on Etsy!

Do you remember my pocket sized guide to Berlin's café scene I launched on Kickstarter earlier this year? You can now get the cards on Etsy!

I've curated Berlin's 50 best coffee places and shared a little story explaining why I find them unique. 

Whether you’re visiting Berlin or have lived here for a while, you’ll most likely never run out of places to see. New cafés, bars, and neighborhood hangouts are popping up everywhere. It’s hard to keep track. Every neighborhood has some exceptional spots that are worth discovering.

Head over to Etsy to check out the offer. Plus, it's free shipping to all EU countries! 

How I made the Berlin guide before showing up at my client’s office every day at 10am.

The other day I got up at 4am. I needed to wait for my flatmate to finish his morning routine. He usually gets up so early, which sometimes wakes me up too. Whenever I fall asleep early the night before, it’s almost impossible for me to get back to sleep. (Now you know how I sometimes manage to work on so many projects simultaneously.)

I sat up in my bed and logged into the Google Doc with all the text I wrote for the Berlin guide. I noticed Diana started editing them. Within a couple of minutes, I implemented all the texts into the Kickstarter page before taking Orion out, then cooking her breakfast rice. She was pleased. She’d finally get breakfast earlier than usual. Eating is her favorite pass time. Once we were both ready, I jumped on the subway and went all across town to Wilmersdorf. I’m glad dogs can't talk back and are just happy to follow along. 

At this point, I still needed to take ten pictures for the Berlin guide and do so within a week if I wanted to meet the deadline I set for myself for the Vienna guide. (At the time, I had no idea I’d print a guide about Berlin too.) 

Of the ten places I had on my list to photograph, Benedict is the only one that opens before 8:30am. 

One thing is sure: Berlin’s not for early birds. 

The reason I decided to create a second Kickstarter project so quickly after publishing the one about Vienna is because I didn’t want to compromise on the quality of the paper I printed these guides on. It’s common for printing to become cheaper the more one prints, so instead of printing more of the Vienna guides, I simply decided to create another limited edition and print a guide about Berlin’s cafés. 

Those who follow me on Instagram know I’ve probably spent more time in Berlin’s cafés than Vienna’s coffee houses in the past couple of years anyway. 

I’ve already commissioned MOO to print both guides. That also means I’ll be shipping both sets simultaneously. This second project is for me to refinance the printing I’ve already paid for. 

Thank you so much for supporting this project. I really appreciate it.

The story of how and why I made two city guides within the past few weeks.

A few months ago, an email request trickled in asking me if I’d be interested in teaching a class on social media with the aim of showing young creative students how to best utilize the platforms to get a job. They all share the same problem in that no one wants to give them work unless they have experience (I’ll never get over this). My ambition to this class is to help students simulate they have the experience. Technically, having a company attached to a work experience is nothing more than proof that you have done a certain something. Publishing your work on social media is like getting social proof for having actually really done something. (Is this something I should write more about?)

Many of the projects I’ve been trusted with have come my way because of some other something I shared online. Now, it would have felt weird to me to come into a classroom and talk about publishing a book. I needed a much smaller project that would be technically and logistically easy to pull off. Even for students. That’s how the Vienna guide came to live.

Then I realized, if I actually wanted to do something like this, the paper had to be absolutely exceptionally beautiful. I needed to increase the print run, so I decided to publish a second guide; one to highlight Berlin’s best cafés. That one is now live on Kickstarter:

I’d really appreciate if you’d take a look. Possibly even share the news with others.

Thanks a million!