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It's a wrap! October

I remember last year when I swore that I’d force myself to speak to the camera more often. First was the Skillshare class that Sarah and I shot in September, and now, the second video for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Given the experience of those two videos, I might be able to say that being on film is way out of my comfort zone, which means that it’s something I must practice. On another note, the video for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign is complete and already uploaded. I’m still refining my concept for the text and the rewards, which I want to make more attractive than last time, but nevertheless, you can already have a peek here, and maybe even bookmark the page to receive a notification when it goes live. But that’s just a thought…

However, Kickstarter doesn’t just keep me busy because of the upcoming book that I have already started working on. At the beginning of the month, Kickstarter’s strategy team and I met with a couple of German creators to discuss the challenges of the German market. It was an incredible experience and one that makes you realise that even in a globalised world, there are still significant cultural differences. 

In the third week of the month, I went to the Dutch Design Week and spoke at the EHV Summit, consulted the wonderful teams at Eindhoven's Startup Bootcamp, and also managed to visit the great folks at Rockstart in Amsterdam, followed by a meeting with Dan from Peerby, the peer landing platform whose founders consider every city to be the greatest warehouse one can possibly have. 

I was also invited by the KAS to run a workshop about the trades one needs to be considered an attractive employee with Andreas Winiarski who represented Rocket Internet. Quite a combination! 

The best news is probably that of Raven and Finch, one of my wonderful clients, has been featured in the Entrepreneur Podcast on Monocle24, and also the news that my photography was highlighted in an EyeEms community newsletter

Once again, it was quite a month! I’m not taking any new clients until the end of the year, but will be available from January on! It’s time to take some time off, and quite frankly, I think we all deserve that every now and then. If you are curious about my South African adventures, follow along on Instagram.  

It's a wrap! June

June was the last month of the official launch period of Kickstarter’s arrival in Germany. I spent a lot of time traveling around the country and explaining how to run a Kickstarter campaign, which is why I decided to write a short blog post to help you set up a great campaign yourself. (I’ll publish it soon.) To me, Kickstarter is not just a great way to fund creative projects because it’s so much more than that. Doing my own Kickstarter project with the aim to publish This Year Will Be Different has brought so many great things to me! Apart from working with Kickstarter, I was also interviewed for John Lee Dumas’ podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. I was recommended to him as an interview partner by one of my amazing Kickstarter backers. I consider myself so exceptionally lucky for having such great people believe in my work. Also, something else happened because of the book. I was requested to teach a class at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The aim was to explain to their fellows how to utilise social media to (eventually) get better jobs.

This Year Will Be Different has received quite a lot of press this past month. For once, the book was featured on the Creative Boom as one of the must-read books for freelancers. There have also been features of the book in the Creative Mornings Vienna magazine and the local Wienerin magazine. Now that I’m back in Vienna, I feel very welcomed.

There is something else I’ve been experimenting with. In the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on taking more pictures to sell them via Getty Images and the EyeEm Market. If you like taking pictures, then you should definitely look into it, and if you like writing, check out Contently. I’ve been linking my articles there since 2014 and finally I was picked as a freelance editor for human interest stories for Facebook Germany. Contently is the perfect resource when you want to make money as a freelance writer.

As I already mentioned, I’m back in Vienna and thus, I’ll reduce my hours with Kickstarter. I have capacities to take on long-term clients or short-term consulting work, so let me know if you’re working on a project that you need help with!