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It’s a Wrap! September

September is usually a very busy month on Kickstarter. I helped The Impossible Project, Get Lazy, Curfboard, Zei, and Scubajet succeed on Kickstarter. Amongst others, of course. I also hosted an Intro to Kickstarter in Hamburg and in Copenhagen at my favorite startup, 23 video!

One of my highlights, besides my incredible vacation in Iceland (checkout the hashtag #moantrip2016 on Instagram for pictures), I spent a couple of days in Britain. First, to attend the Reasons To conference; that’s the one conference I can highly recommend to everyone who’s a creative or a technologist. This conference was definitely my most favorite of all the conferences I attended in 2016.

I also took the chance to spend some days in Hamburg to attend the IndieCon and learn more about indie publishing. My highlight was hanging out with Anika Meier, whose articles about media culture that you might read in most of the major German newspapers are always insightful and worth reading until the very end.

I’m very proud Creative Boom named This Year Will Be Different one of the best books to help you ditch your job and go freelance. There was also a small feature on the Cloudpeeps blog! Yay!

I’m heading to New York in October and really can’t wait to see Diana, my wonderful editor again! Hope you’re having a fun month yourself!


It’s a Wrap! August

My friend Julia and I kicked off August with a short vacation to Copenhagen. As my trips usually go, I managed to do business on the side and will host a Kickstarter event in Copenhagen in September during #TechTember2016

I also flew to Oslo to attend An Interesting Day. I mostly wanted to be there because of Jessica Walsh’s talk and also because how many times can you say you flew to Oslo to hang out on an island with some of the most wonderful Norwegians for a day? I also consider myself lucky for having bumped into Kate and Chelsey from San Francisco. Flying in from Vienna, my journey most certainly wasn’t the longest one.

Amongst others, in August, I helped Arabian Stories and Nindyaa to reach their goal on Kickstarter. I also hosted an Intro to Kickstarter in Berlin.

Creative Boom interviewed me about my latest work and I shared some photos from my home office in Vienna. There was also a mention of my work on Kickstarter’s blog. Here and here are the links if you’d like to read more about what I’ve been up to lately.

It’s a wrap! July

Summers in Europe are usually much quieter. Ours wasn’t! As part of the TOA conference, the Kickstarter team, our friends at the Openers agency, and I organized a huge event, The Kickstarter Block Party, to celebrate one year of Kickstarter in Germany! We had a bunch of creators present their work, there was a comedy show, tasty food, and I gave an intro to Kickstarter right after Yancey’s talk! 
This month, I also spoke at the IHK Crowdfunding Night in Munich and at the Technical University in Darmstadt.

My favorite project I helped out with was ReBlend. Also, not to forget, I’m proud of having been featured on the Common-Knowledge blog. You can read it here.

One last piece of big news is that I started writing the next installment of the #Smartcreatives guides. Look out for Work Trips and Road Trips. I’ll most likely update my Instagram and share my progress there.


It’s a wrap! June

I kicked off June with a second workshop with the team at SOS Kinderdorf. We’ve discussed community building for their various activities. As transparency must be at the core for any business that wants to build a community, it was rather challenging to figure out a strategy for community building initiatives while making sure the privacy of SOS Kinderdorf's protégés remains guaranteed. 

Nowadays, and with the rise of the social web, many people want to have a full understanding of how different systems work and they want to understand in more detail what happens to their money. While the social web has given everyone the tools to emotionalize people and build a community, people are being held accountable and must remain open and transparent if they want to win trust of donors.

In my opinion, having to be transparent has paved the way for independent makers and creators, and it’s what makes working with Kickstarter creators so enjoyable. In June, I organized an event for fashion creators. I also helped Matriarch, I Lock It, and Triggers to hit their goals on Kickstarter.

Furthermore, I was honored to participate in Stephan’s Kardos Creativity Gym as a speaker to a small group of talented students at the University of Economics in Vienna. 

One of my favorite community building initiatives was Joe Edelman’s Soundtrack Dinner. Joe created a playlist and invited everyone to come up with a tapas dish to go with the song he chose. For one hour, we listened to the songs, while eating. Talking wasn’t allowed. The sensory feeling one gets from focusing all your energy on your ears and taste buds was pretty much unforgettable, and I’d recommend everyone to try this out at home too! It was, let me tell you, bloody damn amazing!

Let’s see what July brings!

It’s a wrap! May

May was the second month I spent working with the great team at Kickstarter. On the 12th of May, Kickstarter launched in Germany, and with more than 100 projects going live on launch day and about € 500K pledged to German projects within the first 24 hours, Germany’s launch was the biggest international launch so far. I’m incredibly proud I could work on such a challenging assignment. 

I’ve spent the majority of the month going from one location to another and speaking about Kickstarter in front of artists, students (HS München, Muthesius, HfG Offenbach,..), and startup professionals. I would even dare to say that I’ve developed a routine in public speaking. Still, the most challenging (and most exciting) moment of the month was my talk at the re:publica.

May also marks the month where Diana and I have finally managed to bring This Year Will Be Different: The Insightful Guide to Becoming a Freelancer out in print. You can now order the book via Amazon. I am even more excited that we’ve managed to secure some press and interviews about the book. I’ll share some links soon. Let’s make the next month as great as the last. Please let me know if you have a project I could get involved with. 

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A bit of creative inspiration for you.

Today, Kickstarter launched in Germany and I feel incredibly fortunate I was part of the team that made it happen. If you’d like to read the full story of why and how I’m supporting Kickstarter during their German launch, you can find the story here.

What I would really like to do in this email is to introduce you to some of my favourite projects that have launched today:

If you’d like to save the world twice a day, you should consider getting sustainable toothbrushes from TIO. Designed by two great designers, TIO is a combination of everything Germany is known for: structure, efficiency, and great German engineering.

The wonderful blog, Notes of Berlin, is currently being turned into a movie. The storyline looks so incredibly promising, so don’t miss out on being one of the first people in the audience.

If you love tea AND design, you definitely want to take a look at Miito. Instead of restyling kettles, the designers have rethought the entire process of heating water.

If you have a hidden or not so hidden nerdy side, you want to take a closer look at The Future Chronicles, a great publication about the history of the Internet.

.. and if you’d like to try some vegan cheese, I’d love to recommend Happy Cheese to you. I’m very excited about getting this cashew-nuts-goodness straight into my belly.

If you are based in Germany and have an idea for a Kickstarter project, don’t hesitate and let me know. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge to help creatives build their project pages and also their communities.

It's a wrap! April

For a change, April wasn’t a month in which I split my time between client work and client acquisition. Instead, it was a month that I spent fully focused on one of the biggest projects I have ever been trusted to work on: helping Kickstarter launch in Germany. (Yay!)

Once again I packed my bags and left for Austria’s big brother. While Berlin is the city where I have spent most of the month, I have also traveled to Hamburg, Munich, Würzburg, Cologne and Leipzig. I spoke at events or organised one-on-one meetings with some of the most creative people I've ever met. It’s been fascinating to talk to them about the ideas and projects they work on. 

Some of the people who really touched my heart this month were Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher, Benjamin Beck, Chris Wilson, Carina Schichl, Jewell Sparks and Nicole Trojer. If you’d like to be part of my next month, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Also, if you’d like to know where I’ll be giving public talks about Kickstarter, check out