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It's a wrap! September 2019

The assignment I've been most excited about this past month is giving Google Security training at Google Zukunftswerkstatt in Germany. I've always really loved training people, so I'm super grateful to be an UpSkill Digital trainer and for this new assignment. 

In September, I presented a training on reputation building and digital security in Hamburg. Next month, I'll be talking about family security online and reputation building at the Zukunftswerkstatt in Munich. 

Digital companies get a lot of criticism for how they use people's data. However, the internet is the most empowering of all tools – if you use it correctly. Once a person shifts their usage and becomes a producer instead of a consumer, they'll notice how empowering digital media can be. (You can read all about it in my books :) )

If you read my August summary, you've probably noticed I've been working on Swing Kitchen's rebranding for a while. In September, I gave a social media workshop to the marketing team, and I've finalized the brand bible and the language manual. I've also handed in a final report on the community initiatives I organized on their behalf in Berlin. At the moment, I'm writing the copy for Swing Kitchen's website, which should go live in the next couple of weeks. 

For CIEE's eLab, I'm currently working on curricula and an outreach strategy for a series of weekend workshops. eLab's courses usually take 6 to 12 weeks. But, for most people, it's not easy to pack up their bags and come to Berlin or London for that amount of time. Thus, we've decided to develop short-form workshops to make the eLab knowledge available to and accessible by a much broader audience. 

I usually have (a few too many) side projects. I've applied to MOE Foundation's mentoring program and got to spend three days working on-site with them in London. I also have an idea I’m working on with the "Act on Plastic Challenge" initiated by the Soul Foundation.

Also, in light of my food gathering research, I was lucky to host Yana from Salo Series on my sofa. It was inspiring to see her arrange a Kamayan dinner at my place. And we got to eat with our hands! If you'd like to read more about Yana's work, her interview is featured in my book Work Trips and Road Trips. I will also adapt her story for the book I've been working on so stay tuned.

Along those lines, I'd urge you to go and see the FOOD exhibition at the V&A if you happen to be in London anytime soon. Iif not, I can highly recommend the exhibition catalog, which I bought without even knowing it was an exhibition catalog in the first place. 

I'm currently available for projects, so please let me know if you need marketing, branding, or community building help. 

It’s a wrap! June 2019

Writing copy for a website is an exciting task. Attention spans are short, so it’s all about capturing the essence of where the reader might be in life and presenting the solution in just a few sentences. This past month, I got to work with the incredible team at eLab, which is CIEE’s Entrepreneur Lab. CIEE offers comprehensive courses for “wannabe entrepreneurs” from around the world.

eLab was launched in 2018, and I used information from their first 12 months in operation, including student surveys, to define target groups and draft their brand messaging. The wonderful Tracy Teare then copyedited what I’d written and made it sound even better.

Working with the eLab team was a joyful experience. I wish anyone who’s been wanting to start their own business but never dared to do so because of lack of business skills could join an eLab course.

Coming up, I’ll get to work on more projects related to the rebranding of Swing Kitchen, a vegan burger chain from Vienna, which I’m already looking forward to.

I’ve also started exploring the field of natural body care, and I’m looking for people to learn from, exchange ideas with, and potentially collaborate with. I’ve recently joined Karen Rose’s body care workshop and will be looking into learning more about essential oils and different ingredients. I’ll be sharing more about my progress on Instagram.

Next month, I’ll be on vacation, and I hope you’ll find some time to enjoy one, too.

It’s a wrap! April 2019

Right at the start of the month, Moriz Piffl, Sebastian Rahs, and I kicked off our collaboration to introduce The Swing Kitchen, a vegan burger fast food restaurant to Berlin. We’re currently planning a series of events, partnerships, and other fun initiatives to put the restaurant on the map for all the cool kids out there. This will be a lot of fun!

I was also lucky to be introduced to the team at CIEE’s eLab, which is a 6-week course to help people learn business skills and validate their ideas to also help them scale from the start. The course launched early this year and after the initial beta-phase, eLab is now looking to attract more participants who’d like to become entrepreneurs. They’ve commissioned me to help them translate the high-level strategy they’ve worked on with another agency, and help them develop an actionable marketing plan by defining their messaging, the timing of their communication, and the most suitable platforms.

The most challenging project I got involved with is the crowdfunding campaign for the community edition of the Mama Superstar book, which recently got nominated for the German Integration Prize. While I’ve said just a couple of weeks ago I’d not get involved with crowdfunding, I felt like I should make one more exception and help turn this book into a movement. In the first book, Melisa Manrique and Manik Chander portrayed 11 migrant women and their daughters. For this second book, we plan to crowdsource the content and also the funding to realize it. I’m half panicking, half excited about it because it’s such an incredible vision that I really wanted to be a part of this project’s realization.

Also my TEDx talk was finally published, which also fits the fact that I’ve concluded my lectures at the New Design University for this semester. And given it’s all about side projects, I’m happy to announce you can now by #kathmoscards themed Architecture in Berlin on Etsy.

I still have capacities to take on exciting projects if you happen to need help with some community building initiative. For the summer, I’m mostly looking for copy writing/strategy work I can do remotely. Hit me up if there is something we could work on together. I’d love that!