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Great apps for freelancers.

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I thought I'd kick off my newsletter by sharing the apps and services I'm planning to use to make the most out of my time as well as keeping organised.
If you also want to be more organised (not saying that you aren't), go freelance and/or work a little on your personal branding, then please keep reading. 


Accountancy: FreshBooks

Before even registering as a freelancer I had to write my first cost estimate. Lucky me! I did it the way that I had learnt at various agencies but then I figured out that while having cost estimates is nice, one also has to charge the clients, keep track of your spendings, bills and, and, and.. you know where this is going. That's when I discovered FreshBooks: a great app to keep track of all your accountancy, send out bills and even create cost estimates directly from there, which are then stored under your client's name. The first month is free of charge too. Win! 

Website: Squarespace

I decided to change my provider and I am now a happy customer of Squarespace as you can see here. The setup was easy, the customer support absolutely amazing and I really think it's a much better looking website than my blog ever was. What do you think?

Newsletters: Mailchimp

I've always really liked Mailchimp. It's simple and the emails are beautiful. I believe that it's worth collecting the data of your clients so you can keep in touch directly, as I have explained here.
Mailchimp is free of charge until you reach 2,000 subscribers. The more successful your business gets, the more you pay. Fair, right? 

Business Cards: MOO

You might say business cards aren't really worth having anymore: okay, I take your point. Nevertheless I believe I have found a way to use them as an icebreaker.
With MOO you can use a different image for every single card. Every single one! I took the time and spent a couple of hours designing my cards, so now people can choose their favourite image. This way I don't just hand out a business card with my details but I can also share a memory or even a story with the person I'm talking to depending on the card they choose.
Jonas came up with another way to have creative business cards. He has a portable camera, takes a selfie and then writes down his details; that is of course also a good way to break the ice, don't you think?

Social Media: SlideShareTwitterInstagram

In the last couple of weeks I've been experimenting a lot with SlideShare and I'm impressed how valuable the service is when you want to position yourself within a professional field. I personally hit about 10,000 views within just a couple of weeks.
Of course, the social media channels on which you should present yourself and your business depend on what services or products you offer, but that's something I want to talk more about in one of the upcoming newsletters. As for me, I'll continue using SlideShareTwitter and my beloved Instagram

What do people say about me: Mention

Listen, so many people talk on the social web, but 'listening' is the one thing I believe makes people standout. To listen smarter, I'd recommend installing a monitoring feature: I installed Mention. This will notify you every time someone links to your website or talks about you or topics you want to get involved with.

I'm also planning on using Google Calendar, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote and Skype.

What are the apps you find extremely valuable? Please leave a comment below. Also, don't forget to signup to get the full versions of my newsletters.