Why you should send a letter to the person you admire.


Do you have an idol? I don't mean a rockstar that you think is cool. I mean someone who works in your field and who you admire for their great work.

Yes? You actually have someone like that?


You should write to them. 

You wonder why? Well, first, you have nothing to lose. Second, they'll appreciate hearing about the positive influence they've had on others. In the end, everyone deserves a little bit of feedback. Why not be the one to give it to them?

Why I am telling you all of this? Because I did exactly that: I wrote a letter (a handwritten letter) to someone whose work means a lot to me.

In January I sent a letter to Tina Roth Eisenberg, better known as SwissMiss. I discovered Tina's blog back in 2008. First, I liked her style, but as the years passed by, I started to admire her for her incredible attitude towards work. I loved the way she approached new projects and built her businesses.

Inspired by her example, I adopted the idea that with the right attitude anything is possible in life. You just have to work for it. 

And this is exactly what I said in my letter. Tina replied. The image above is the image she sent to me as a response. Cute, right? She invited me to come by her office in Brooklyn as soon as I got to New York. When I quit my job six weeks ago, I immediately wrote to her and accepted the invitation. When she confirmed a date and a time, I booked my flight. Last week, we met in person! 

Now, this is where I am: sitting at Studiomates.

I know it's only Monday. But Mondays are great days to make mini-resolutions: I really want you to think about your idol and send them a letter by the end of the week. (Please let me know who your idol is. I want to know some more great people.

As I said, you have nothing to lose.

Please forward this blog post to at least one of your friends. Make them send a letter to one of their idols. Let's spread some positive attitude. Let's let people know the great impact they have on us! 


PS: ..and please come back and share the story what happened after you dared to send a note to the person you admire.