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When I first started freelancing, I was trying to figure out how to best do it. Given I believe in transparency, and sharing knowledge is one of my core values, I’ve compiled my learnings in three guides for creative freelancers which are all available on Amazon. Because of these books, I’ve been asked to share my learnings on various media outlets and as a speaker at various events.  



A collection of interviews, stories, tips and tricks to help wannabe freelancers figure out what to think of when setting up a solo-preneur business. An audio version is available on Skillshare.


An easy to read guide and an inspection of side projects and various possibilities of how to monetize them. A valuable read for people who want to monetize their hobbies or build scalable income streams.

Work Trips and Road Trips

An exploration of what it means to be a fulfilled, creative freelancer. A book about wanderlust, remote work, and taking time off as a freelancer. The perfect read for adventurous freelancers who tempt to feel restless at times.


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