Together with taliaYstudio we’ve defined the most valuable services, identified suitable clients for the studio, redesigned the website and sharpened the brand’s approach to digital communication. We’ve developed a social strategy for their products and discussed how to represent the business in the future. If you'd like to learn more about how to setup a website for a company, read here


// Vienna, 2015


// Vienna, 2014

Together with the team at Raven and Finch, we conceptualised the content strategy for the brand. With Sonor, a sound branding magazine, we established an educational medium to showcase the advantages of sound experience design. Learn more about the challenges of marketing the invisible here.

Somewhere is a platform for sharing your work. It has been called “LinkedIn for the new way of work” by GigaOm and “Pinterest for Business” by TechCrunch.

I took over Somewhere’s community after a strategy pivot and drove the community engagement for about a year. During my time as Somewhere’s community manager, we had a very active member base with regular peaks reaching up to 75% of active users.

For Somewhere, I was responsible for the engagement and retention strategy, user testing and user development and social media channels. I also ran Somewhere's blog and was involved in media partnerships and ambassador engagement.


// Berlin, 2013-2014

When I met Michaela Hudecova-Königshofer for the first time, she was planning to open a co-working space for people who didn’t have their own sewing machines. She dreamed of being the one who gave people space to create and helped them make their own clothes.

Michaela had a dream and a suitable space, which she felt was right for her and her business. What she didn’t have was the financing to make her business a reality.

I provided Michaela with market insights, pointing out the latest trends and possibilities. I then used her ideas and expanded them to create a commercial concept, which accomplished her financial business plan. Submitted to a public fund, the funding was granted in the full amount.  


// Vienna, 2011

Together with Nadine Bruder, I’ve supported Kickstarter's German launch. During a three month period, I helped several projects launch on the platform and helped them reach their goals. I’ve organised a number of events where I explained how to run a Kickstarter campaign successfully. 

To this date, the German launch was the most successful international launch, reaching 500K in funding within 24 hours with a strong local ownership in pledges.


// Germany, 2015

When Michael first approached me he had very specific growth targets. To reach these targets, we decided to focus on his website and his existing customer base. We contacted all previous students and asked them about their experiences with smarterGerman. Based on this feedback I was able to restructure smarterGerman’s website, update copy and create a personalised social media guide. Also, we’ve developed a series of automated communication to help Michael reach the next level of his business growth.

Here is Michael’s reference about my work and here is the full story of working with smarterGerman.


// Remote, 2014


// Remote, 2015

The team from SCHED hired me to help them find the right way to build a plugin within Eventbrite to help acquire new users easily. My role as an external consultant was not just to find the right wording but also to support the team and help them to figure out the right features and how to create the best possible user experience. 

I also helped SCHED overhaul their retention strategy by going over their entire email communication and closing gaps to make sure users would return and use SCHED again to organise their future events. 

Here is a blog post summarising my work with SCHED. 


// Vienna, 2010

'If you want to hear, you need to feel' is the concept of Audiofeel's loudspeakers, which try to convey sound not just to the ears, but to the whole body.

I met Johannes Scherr and Christian Winkler when they only had a 3D rendering of the product. I became their project manager and facilitated the communication while one of the partners was in Italy and the other was professionally engaged in the Netherlands. I held all the strings together and assisted throughout the prototyping phase while aiming at a tight deadline to submit two funding proposals: AWS & Departure. Both were granted in their full amount and the product is now available, made to order.

This Year Will Be Different is a book for and about entrepreneurial women: A practical guide for anyone who wants to start their own business or become a freelancer. Filled with tips, tricks, stories and interviews with women who are now making money as bloggers, designers, consultants, photographers and many more great professions within the creative industries. 

The print version was successfully funded on Kickstarter and the book is available on Amazon. 


// New York, 2015


// Berlin, 2015

At the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, I run a one-day workshop to teach their fellows about professional self-branding. I’ve explained the advantages of sharing one’s work online and what platforms might be the most suitable to reach their personal career goals. If you would like to learn more about professional branding using social media, follow this link.

I helped the founders of StaRating hire a team and train them in social media marketing. I was there to support the team during the pre-launch phase and helped to find testers for their app by organising regular meet ups in bars around London. 

Here and here are some deeper reflections on my work with the team. 



// London, 2014

I had the chance to support the team at Badger & Winters with an extensive market audit for one of their global brands. I analysed the envisioned strategy and analysed the execution across various digital and social channels in the main markets across the world. Part of my work was to highlight how the brand’s values are being transported and to what degree various markets communicate the values of the brand. 

Furthermore I helped develop an integrated social strategy as an external digital strategy consultant. 


// Remote, 2015

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